15 Ways Your Partner Could Be Cheating Right Now

Cheating is a major thorn in a relationship. Any healthy relationship is liable to damage if a cheating factor is involved. Men have a larger share for being dishonest in a relationship. Research suggests that approximately 21% of men are deceiving their partners. In contrast, women have a lower cheating relation of about 10-13 %. The sixth sense somehow plays the part. The gut raises the question that is he cheating? Is he flirting? Well, these types of questions roam in mind if you suspect your partner is unfaithful.

 sure to read the signs.  You don't want to get caught out.
Be sure to read the signs. You don’t want to get caught out.

There are a number of factors that show a cheating aspect in a relationship. However, the presence of any single factor is not the ultimate proof. In addition, you need to worry if your partner is showing multiple signs. The signs that lead to one thinking that is she cheating? The factors vary from relationship to relationship. The startling fact is that about 20-40 % of cheating cases lead to divorce. These factors are different for every relationship. However, there are some which are common in almost every case. The following list illustrates the 15 alarming facts for “how to know if your partner is cheating?”

Change In Work Routine

A sudden change in work routine should raise eyebrows. The situation is tense if the work routine is changing more frequently. Usually, the cheaters take shelter behind work schedules. They would say that they are working a lot. While in reality, using that working time pave the way for their desires.

Therefore, keep in check your partner’s working routine. You must look into the details properly if you see any irregular change in schedule. Moreover, you will see that the spouse will not discuss the change in schedule beforehand. That is a signal of something suspicious.

Using An Online Dating Account

Nothing can be worse than an online dating account. Your other half must not be happy with your relationship if you see an online dating account. The presence of your partner on any dating platform should raise serious doubts. It may seem like they are no longer interested in you. Therefore, they are looking for options. Moreover, maintaining a dating account is a severe form of cheating.

Check if they have a hidden dating profile
Check if they have a hidden dating profile

Hence, it is time for you to have a talk if you find out about your partner’s dating account. You should not overlook this just because your spouse is having some fun time. A significant percentage of relationships fail when the partners are using dating apps.

More Frequent Use of Mobile During Family Time

Mobile technology is a major disturbing factor in healthy relationships. Cheaters use it as a tool to meet their illicit goals. Therefore, the cheating partners keep their mobiles always in close range. Moreover, they keep on using it even if there is family time going on. Similarly, you will see them using it on the family events too. That is an alarming bell. One can easily suspect that something wrong is happening if a person is on a mobile phone all the time.

Henceforth, you must take this as a sign if you see more frequent usage of mobile by the partner. Furthermore, it will be cheating if they are unwilling to let anyone touch their phone. That means there is something worth enough to hide. It is something that may raise questions. The mobile phone comes in the context of online cheating.

Do they hide their phone from you? check if they have a hidden dating profile online.
Do they hide their phone from you? check if they have a hidden dating profile online.

Is He or She Flirting Often?

Flirting is usually not considered to be a cheating factor. However, very often, flirting is indeed a red flag. Your spouse takes advantage of showing flirting behavior as a way of having fun. It does not take long to get into cheating under the pretext of flirting. For instance, the partner may pretend that they are just having fun while flirting. However, it may be that there is a whole episode underneath this sarcasm.

So, you should keep in check the flirting behavior. If it is more often, then raise the red flag. Flirting often makes the other person curious. The person may think that is he flirting? Is she cheating? The best way is to believe your gut while noticing the flirty actions of your partner.

Partner Taking Hall Pass

The hall pass is the consent of having a sexual relationship outside your relationship. The partners typically think that a hall pass is a way to build more trust. Furthermore, they believe that it will mend the differences in their relationship. But there is a fragile line between cheating and hall pass. You must take into account the partner who first asked for a hall pass.

That is the game-changing factor. It shows that only have a slight interest in you. So, they are trying to take time off from you. You must look at the ambitions of your partner, asking for a hall pass. Hence, it is time to move on from the relationship. The ultimate ending is that the divorce rate increases.

Taking A Break

Breaks in a relationship are sometimes vital for longer survival. They may serve their purpose. However, it is suspicious if the partner asks for a break when everything is going in a streamline. That is a turning point. Long story short, you must not take it on a lighter note if your partner is asking for a break. It signifies that they are not getting their fantasies with you.

Therefore, they are looking to take a break. That is the time to make bold decisions. It may be a factor that your partner is cheating and looking for a safe passage. Cheaters usually take shelter under such arguments.

Less Sex in Your Relationship

Sex life is an important part and parcel of a relationship. Healthy couples maintain a balance between work life and sex life. Any significant lag in the sex life hampers the relationship. That causes much damage to mutual understanding. Moreover, it is the most crucial factor in determining if he is cheating?

Your partner is moving away from you if there is less sex. It means they are fulfilling their sexual needs somewhere else. Indeed, it is an alarming signal. Your partner will even refuse to get intimate. Their behavior will show the least interest in getting involved with you. The lack of interest testifies that they are fulfilling their needs. Therefore, they do not need you for that purpose.

More Often Business Trips Than Usual

Business trips are essential in one’s job. It is a huge learning opportunity. Moreover, it gives exposure to many other business ideas. However, it has been established that cheaters often take this as a cover. A person knows the business activities of their partner.

Business trips are a potential issue with cheating!
Business trips are a potential issue with cheating!

Therefore, you sense cheating if you see that the business trips are increasing day by day. Business trips are best if someone has to maintain an illicit affair. They can have a good time off to cheat their partners. So, do not overlook frequent business trips. It is a crucial factor that provokes cheating.

Spending Less Time with You

Spending quality time together is the key to a successful relationship. Not only the sex life is important. In addition, the time spent having other activities is also freshening. You go out to dinners or movies. At home, you make each other comfortable by engaging in talks. That is the meaning of spending time with your partner.

You can still be lonely in a relationship.  Keep an eye out for signs of online cheating.
You can still be lonely in a relationship. Keep an eye out for signs of online cheating.

The bad news is when you see that your partner is not spending enough time with you. That causes fear in mind that, “is she cheating?” Well, there are chances that your partner is cheating on you if they avoid spending time with you. Similarly, act after noticing their activities for a couple of weeks.

You will ultimately find that there is something wrong. It is natural that cheaters change their behavior. Spending less time with your partner is the first indicator to change in behavior. Hence, take it seriously and get to the bottom of the facts.

Unexplained Credit Card Bills

An affair outside a relationship requires money apart from physical attraction. Your partner will need to spend money to maintain an affair. Therefore, it is advisable to keep an eye on financial transactions. You must ask if there are some transactions that you have no idea about. Hence, it is a red flag if your partner is unable to explain those expenditures.

Moreover, you will see them in clear agitation. These unexplained credit card bills show that your partner is spending somewhere else. You have the right to ask regarding the expenditures. If they decline to answer, it is inevitable that something is incredibly wrong.

Improving Appearance While Going to Work

Getting ready for the daily job is a regular thing. However, taking more time to get prepared might change the course. Usually, the cheaters get involved with co-workers. Therefore, one partner will force to think that is he cheating? That will be based upon the improving appearance. It will be for someone else. Hence, you should hold on to yourself and look into more details.

Getting Furious Over Petty Issues

Cheaters are usually short-tempered towards their faithful partners. At the start of any relationship, there are very few events of arguments. It increases with the passage of time. However, there is a good factor of tolerance between the partners. Tolerance in relationships is healthy.

Hence, you will see a dramatic shift in the behavior of temper of your partner. You will see them less patient once they are cheating. They will make petty issues the basis of longer arguments. That is the shocking turn of events. You will notice your partner losing their cool over minor issues. This behavioral change in your partner must reflect that they are having an affair. Thus, you should not undermine the short temper factor.

is she cheating?

Forgetting Important Days

A cheater will easily forget important days like birthdays. In addition, they may forget their anniversary. These are some of the critical days that are always in the memory of lovers. However, it is cheating if your partner forgets any of these days frequently. It shows that their mind is diverted somewhere else. They are looking for other options. Hence, it is time for you to look at this more carefully.

Spending More Time with A Co-Worker

Almost 53% of cases of cheating involve a close associate. Mostly, it is close friends or co-workers. It is good to have a lively social circle. However, it is a sign of cheating if your partner is more into the affairs of friends or co-workers. You will notice that they will discuss the same co-worker more often. That should be an alarming point. If you find out that they are spending more time with the same person, your partner is cheating.

Therefore, you must be aware of your partner’s social circle. The cheating with co-workers is of high probability. Henceforth, keep that factor in close consideration.

Stop Sharing Details of Workday

In a healthy relationship, a partner loves to share all the working routines once they are back at home. They feel exhausted, and that is the reason they share their all happening with their partner. However, it is suspicious if your partner stops sharing that with you. They will even avoid answering it if you ask. Their answer will be concise without going into any details.

So, understand it carefully before going through a similar situation. It is indeed a change in the behavior of your partner. The chances are high that your partner is cheating.

Reverse Username Search and Reverse Email Search to Nab Online Cheating

With the advance in technology, the cheating ratio is increasing. Cheaters make use of online cheating to fulfill their desires. The faithful partners have this question in mind that how to know if the partner is cheating. The above factors are just indicators. They may not serve as solid evidence if you have to take up the matter.

Therefore, there are some methods to catch online cheating red-handed. The reverse email search is one of those methods. It checks all the details related to any particular email. You can have the name, address, and phone number of the person using it. Furthermore, it will highlight the social media accounts linked with that email address.

Furthermore, the reverse username search is another tool. It finds if your partner has an account for online cheating purposes. It will let you know all the accounts your partner has. Moreover, it will be the warning signal if you find their name in a username search on any dating app.


Cheating is a way to make up for the never-ending desires. It pollutes a relationship to its core. Sometimes, it is tough to recognize if your partner is cheating on you or not. Therefore, you just have to keep the above factors in mind.  Your partner is cheating if they fulfill more than four factors. In addition, you can also use reverse username search. You can also check the emails of partners with a reverse email check. That will provide concrete evidence if she is cheating.

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