New Updates and guides section!

Welcome fellow reader. You have ventured to our new Updates & Guides section, where we will be attempting to guide you on the path to better online security and searching online.

For those who don’t know, we have been running an Alpha version of a new and exciting premium version of our services over at We’ve received a totally unpredictable amount of support from the community, which has allowed us to hire people to help built our systems faster. Once of which, is this new section of the site. lets be honest, our old blog looks dated, and it is. So instead of removing it, we’re leaving it where it is but calling this Updates and Guides!.

Our community is growing fast, we have over 500,000 people using every month, and thousands of followers on our Twitter and Linkedin pages, so do please link in with us and join the community.

New supporters..we were recently blogged about on one of the most prominent IT security bloggers / trainers online, On there, they kindly talked about our new premium version and provided pictures on the user interface. We copied the blog over to our site, to make it easier to access, here.

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