How to find a great username for business?

There has always been a good reception for a great username, both for personal and professional use. People often want their usernames to be quite unique, eye-catchy, and on-point. But the sad truth is that most of these people lack the creativity to find a good username that describes their business or their persona well. The first and foremost action they would take is to search the web for “cool,” “swag,” and unique usernames. However, the key aspect that they would fail to understand is that hundreds, even thousands of other people worldwide would follow this same strategy. Resulting in receiving multiple used usernames or later slightly modifying the used username and reusing it. With that said, let us analyze the various ways of finding a good username that is not only distinctive but also creative. 

A great username can mean the difference between online success and failure.

What’s available to choose from?

You know the perfect username, but it’s not available. We know, that’s frustrating. Sometimes, you do just have to move on and think of another. But it’s pretty frustrating when you realize your chosen username is free on two social networks but taken on the rest. In this article, we show you how you can quickly choose a great username. But, how can you quickly work out what social networks they are available on without taking too much time? simple, use a free reverse username lookup service like With this free tool in hand and the knowledge gained from reading below, you’ll have the perfect, unique username in no time.

Why are usernames important?

Have you ever been stopped by the cops for over-speeding or any other violation? What is the primary thing that they would ask you? Yes, identification card! To be precise, a username serves as your online identification. Whether you are using a profile for personal use or professional, a username serves as a key phrase through which people could find you effectively.  Most successful online organizations and influencers will tell you, a username is their brand. It makes the difference between success and failure.

Finding a great username that is not already taken by someone can be a pretty annoying process.  But there are tools out there to help you work out what's taken and not taken.
Finding a great username that is not already taken by someone can be a pretty annoying process. But there are tools out there to help you work out what’s taken and not taken.

If you are running a business, then a unique professional username could serve as a gateway to bring traffic to your profile and differentiate your brand from the other competitors. Not just that, it also plays a vital role in providing a shipping address, customer service, and ultimately a trademark. Let us look at some examples and situations where a great username is important. 

Building an effective business reputation

From teenagers to working professionals and experienced leaders, how you represent yourself online matters to everyone. Everyone’s online persona is vital, and it has a significant influence on a variety of chances and even your financial future. With that in mind, it’s critical to focus on the aspects of your online reputation over which you have influence. That is while choosing a username, you need to get it perfect. While you have little control over what people say about you, you may design your own personal brand by creating and maintaining professional accounts and websites. By utilizing professional usernames on your social media platforms, you’re already adding legitimacy to what people see when they search for you online.

Effects on individual reputation

To improve your SEO, utilize a persistent and unique username throughout your popular social platforms. Rare names should be easier to obtain, but if your name is more popular and therefore already used on numerous sites, you should choose a username that you might use reliably across networks. For example, if your name is Dwayne Smith, try an iteration of your nickname (DSmithy456) or create a unique username entirely (DonutsAndFinancialGuru). You will use this username throughout networks to improve SEO, while the data in your account will be set up using your real name.

Easier accessibility

Having a great and creative username can easily make your friends and family find you on social media. For instance, if your name is Dwayne Smith, the first thing anyone would do is search your full name in the search bar of a specified website. However, this is not effective since the search result would show more than a hundred profiles with a similar name. Hence, if you have a unique username, anyone could easily find you by entering the username on the search box. 


This feature is effectively used if you own a business profile. Since SEO plays a major role in ranking your webpage in accordance with your user tag, audiences can easily find you through a general google search or by simply entering your username on any desired search bar. 

Having a shorter and a crisp username

What we mean by a short and crisp username here is any username that is not complicated to pronounce and could easily be remembered. Having an on-point username could favor you with a lot of benefits. One such benefit is your audiences or friends easily remember your username whenever they want to skim through your profile. Having a complex username is not advisable since remembering it could be hard and negatively affect your personal and professional profile. 

How to create a perfect username? 

Now, we hope that you have understood the benefits and features of having a perfect username. Let us discuss some of the key points to consider when creating a perfect username. 

Incorporate some of your favorite things in your username

This is one of the most straightforward and easy steps to take into consideration. First, try to jot down all of your favorite things that you like to do or see on an everyday basis. This can include favorite color, favorite animal, favorite anime character, favorite sport, favorite number, etc. After jotting down, try to combine two or three of your favorite things to form a single unique username. For example, if your favorite anime character is Naruto and your favorite color is black, try to get creative like ‘darknaruto.’ You can also incorporate your favorite number into this username, such as ‘darknaruto28,’ to make the username even more unique. 

Check what’s available

Although now you might find a username that is both creative and unique, it is not always guaranteed to be available. According to a recent survey, almost 25-75 new profile usernames are being generated on a daily basis. So, how do you check if the username is available? Currently, many websites provide people an opportunity to check the availability of a username. One such website is To check if a username is available, simply visit the official user search webpage. In the search bar, enter the preferred username. Once done, the website will automatically scan through a constellation of websites and provide you with accurate results, if the username is taken or not. 

Consider what’s around you

Another alternative if you run out of options to find a suitable username is to consider things present around you. Pick local mascots, your hometown, or other things that are relevant to where you reside and what you love about. However, be cautious not to reveal too many details. Online predators may be able to find your geolocation easily based on your online handle. ‘SweetMalibuHighDinosaurGirl19’ may appear sweet at first, but digital sleuths may certainly decode it as a Malibu high school girl who graduated in 2019. Furthermore, for even greater anonymity, you may select something particular that does not pertain to you.

Use a screen name generator

Allowing your computer to generate a screen name for you is one of the simplest and least time-consuming ways to do so. There are various screen name generators that are simple and entertaining to use. Some of them include:

Rum and monkey

Rum and monkey - Username generators are great at randomly suggesting usernames that you may never have thought of on your own.  Some of them can be pretty terrible, but some are not too bad!
Rum and monkey – Username generators are great at randomly suggesting usernames that you may never have thought of on your own. Some of them can be pretty terrible, but some are not too bad!

The website is a virtual name generator that is divided into sections to assist you in finding the ideal username. Get a military code phrase or a historical Greek name. You may even choose a Chinese or Korean username. To create a unique and distinctive username, choose a category, input your gender, and specify your name.

Screen name generator

A screen name generator is another nice tool to randomly suggest usernames that you could use.
A screen name generator is another nice tool to randomly suggest usernames that you could use.

Enter two words into The Screen Name Generator and get it to produce a unique username that combines your words with something spontaneous in between them. It’s an amazing tool to utilize if you want to add certain terms to your username.

Fake name generator

Fake name generator can be a little more 'dodgy' to use, but in some situations, we understand it's important to use a 'pen' name rather than your real name.
Fake name generator can be a little more ‘dodgy’ to use, but in some situations, we understand it’s important to use a ‘pen’ name rather than your real name.

This website provides you with more than just a username; it also provides you with a complete identity, including your first and last name, residence, birth date, physical characteristics, work information, and other details. Maybe it’s a little too much? Perhaps, but the usernames are rather unique, and the other information is entertaining to read.


SpinXO username generator
SpinXO username generator

Names are generated based on information such as your interests, essential phrases, surname, characteristics, and desires. You can obtain 30 usernames right away and then reload for more. Select a username on SpinXO to check if it’s accessible on other sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Snapchat.

Create a perfect brand username

Here’s a summary of the four sorts of creating brand usernames and effective ways to incorporate them. 

Generic brand username

Consider brands such as and Those are generic usernames. Usernames like this can be difficult to obtain for a variety of reasons. The most notable is that generic usernames such as command high asking prices in addition to seven digits. However, this sort of username nearly never fits the above requirements for what a great brand username should do. For instance, “Smartphone” may be a good general name for your phone. However, it does not catch the curiosity of the audience. It is very literal and confines you to a single category.

Descriptive brand username

Here, the usernames seek to represent what the brand/products can achieve for the end-users.  Just by reading the name of a specified product, you can tell what you’re getting, and that’s significant. Other usernames in the descriptive group include Pizza Hut, Burgerking,  Internet Explorer, Gmail, etc. Each of these names refers to or describes the underlying company. This might be a perfect category username for your company.

Suggestive brand username

Here’s where the brand does not explicitly state what the firm does but rather indicates it using phrases that communicate strong images and thoughts. Take, for instance, Greyhound. The company does not provide greyhound dogs, but they do provide transportation from one location to another. As a result, they are linking the productivity and accuracy of the dog with their traveling brand. Subway is yet another case. It is not a transportation firm. However, they specialize in making submarine sandwiches, sometimes known as subs!

Coined brand username

This is the most creative category of brand username, and it might take some time to nail down. However, many of today’s most recognizable companies arose from seemingly made-up terms. While these usernames are a clean slate, they are more difficult to establish brand familiarity around.  These usernames don’t usually work since there’s little for people to relate them to at first. You should be wary about adopting this sort of username if you’re launching a completely new product in a completely new category.

Creating a perfect personal username

Creating a perfect personal username can be an entertaining process if you know what you are doing. To provide you with an upper hand in creating your unique personal username, look at some of the tips mentioned below. 

1) Play with words

Try brainstorming and forming rhymes that add a fresh flavor to your username instead of being straightforward in creating a perfect username. Use rhyming words that go along with your name, such as “StarboundSwain,” “NaughtyNatalie,” or “DevilishDuke.”

2) Combine your interests

Consider brainstorming and jotting down some of your favorite things. Also, make sure to combine your favorite things in a non-sensible order to come up with a unique yet satisfying username. Examples: “Knightpanda” or “TwilightWolf.”

3) Add your favorite number

Although this is not a mandatory process to go forward with, it is still interesting. Try to add your favorite number at the end of a username. For example, “KnightPanda28” or “TwilightWolf72.”

4) Highlight a hobby or a pass time

It is always a creative idea to include a hobby or a pass time into your username. This indeed provides uniqueness to your perfect username. For example, “ArtisticPanda” or “SkateboardWolf72.”

5) Stay out of toxic or vulgar terms

Although a mean or a savage username might sound enticing, it provides a grey shade to your profile. At all costs, try to avoid such abbreviations. For example, do not add names like “SayHelloToYourMom” or “MilfHunter,” etc. 


It is always considered entertaining to find a great username for your profile. Nevertheless, we all should accept that if you want to have a perfect and unique username, you need to spend more time thinking creatively and putting in the effort. Consider all the tips mentioned in this guide and start creating your unique username right away! 

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