Top 10 Search Sites to Find People Online

The first step to finding someone online is to search for his/her name on Google. Google will come up with various results related to the name you searched. This strategy works in many cases if your targeted person has a personal blog or if he is active on different renowned social media platforms. However, if he has a very common name, you would not be able to find him even on social media platforms. So, you need to move on to a specialized platform that is typically designed to allow users to find people online. These ten search sites will serve you in the best manner in this regard: –

1. UserSearch

Search people online-UserSearch-Get Results in 15 Seconds
Search people online-UserSearch-Get Results in 15 Seconds

UserSearch is the best platform for providing its clients with reverse username search and email search services. It has proudly worked as a leading technology company for over a decade. Currently, more than 50000 users find people online using UserSearch. You can easily find someone by username on social networks, crypto forums, blogs, chat sites, dating sites, and many more.

UserSearch checks hundreds of websites to determine whether your searched username is registered to them. In other words, you can quickly find the public profiles attached to a username you search for. The types of information you can get using this reverse username search tool include real names, fake names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, pictures, online activities, and many more. The thing that allows you to get a wide range of information is the powerful search engine behind UserSearch.

2. Pipl-A People Search Engine

Pipl-An Identity Trust Company to Search People Online-Search People by their username

Pipl is working on a mission to create a world having real identities. People are currently using hundreds of identities on the internet. It has become hard to find who is behind a specific username. Here comes Pipl search into play. It allows the users to find everything by searching anything. The users can get a robust online identity of a person if you search his phone number, delivery address, social media username, etc. This search tool is designed for individuals, teams, and entrepreneurs.

There are three important use cases of Pipl, including identity verification, investigation, and contact enrichment. If you want to boost your confidence about a particular person behind an email or physical address, the Pipl Search is at your service. If you want to find associated people and social media accounts, then Pipl will serve you the best. You can also connect your business or platform with over 3 billion identities available on Pipl. Lastly, the company is trusted by some big players in the business world, including Google, Microsoft, BBC, and Cigna. The best thing about Pipl is that it provides information about people living in more than 150 countries.

3. Whitepages-Search Names to Get Contact Info

Whitepages-A Renowned People Search Service Provider-Get Instant Result Reports

Whitepages is an exceptional online platform that is currently serving over 30 million people on a monthly basis. It allows them to search for people and contact information and conduct background checks. In terms of people search, you only need to search the full name of a person, for example, Michael Robertson. Whitepages will deliver a comprehensive report based on the white page information related to the searched name.

The company provides its customers with a free people search service. You can easily find addresses, phone numbers, relatives, and other public record information matching your searched name. Adding a location in addition to the full name will allow you to get more appropriate results. Whitepages allow you to search a full name, city/state name, or zip code relevant to the targeted person simultaneously. A broader search without adding a city/state/zip code may find too many results. Remember, Whitepages only provides information related to people living in the US.

4. Intelius-Search a Friend, Relative, or Anyone Else

Intelius-A Strong People Search Engine-Get Accurate Results in a few seconds-Trusted by Millions of US Citizens.

Intelius is a renowned platform that provides its users with key public information about people and their connections to others. As an Intelius user, you are simply required to put a name in the search bar. The company will come up with various search results matching that name. As a start, you may search for the name of one of your close friends, a relative, a family member, or a celebrity. You may enter first, last, city, and state names to get more precise results.

The main goal of Intelius is to provide people with information about their dating partner, family members, neighbors, friends, and anyone else. It gathers data from different sources and whitepapers to give you useful information in a single place. The company prioritizes your privacy as it does not send any notification to a person who you are searching. You must be wondering what kind of information you may get about a particular person. So, Intelius helps you reconnect with old friends, find out who is calling you, no criminal history, attain property-related data, and look up potential relationships.

5. DorkSearch

DorkSearch Homepage-Get Access to Documents that cannot be found easily on Google-Know People More with DorkSearch

It is an exceptional tool that allows you to access information that is not readily available to everyone. You may get valuable information by using this tool. Remember, some countries consider the misuse of Google Dorking is a type of hacking. However, the company recommends you use it only for educational purposes.

The Prebuilt feature of this platform allows you to access 7000 prebuilt Dorks. The builder feature allows you to build your own new Dorks. You can also use this feature to mix, match, and discover new Dorks. Moreover, if you find a new Dork, you can share it with the company to get credit for your handle. It also provides its users with search categories, including advisories and vulnerabilities, error messages, vulnerable servers, web server detection, sensitive directories, sensitive online shopping information, online devices, vulnerable files, files containing usernames, footholds, files containing passwords, and many more.

6. Search for Someone Using Business Information: LinkedIn

LinkedIn Search-Find People by using their business information-Get Instant result List

People mainly use LinkedIn to search for jobs. However, it also has a huge database of people from all around the world. You can put a person’s first and last name of a person in the people search bar of LinkedIn. You will get various results matching your input. If your targeted person has a profile on LinkedIn, you can easily identify it from the results. Instead of showing all results, LinkedIn suggests the most relevant profiles to you. You can click “See All Results” at the bottom of the results page to get complete results.

Along with the profiles matching your input, LinkedIn also displays the members’ activities and posts mentioning their names. However, this result is limited to people who are already your connection. You will only be able to view the profiles of people who are not your connection. You can also search for the company name or job title to see profiles associated with them. According to recent stats, more than 830 million profiles have been created on LinkedIn as of now. Your targeted person might be among them.

7. TruthFinder

TruthFinder-An Extraordinary Tool to Find People Online-Get Key Information Instantly

The People Search Engine of TruthFinder allows you to search people by name. It is one of the fastest ways to find someone online. In the search bar, you can enter the first name, the last name, the city name, and the state name. You can narrow down this search as much as possible based on your information. The types of information provided by the TruthFinder include, but are not limited to, contact information, social media profiles, criminal records, current address, and past addresses.

Some of the important purposes behind people using TruthFinder include, but are not limited to, finding a lost friend, reconnecting with a neighbor, learning details about someone new, and getting information about a distant family member. The public records used by TruthFinder to provide information about a specific search include traffic violations, criminal records, contact information, bankruptcies, addresses, and many more. It acquires these records from various state and federal departments. You will always get the most relevant results if you use TruthFinder, which is different from a simple Google search.

8. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate-A Public Records Search Service-Find People Online

If you are looking for instant background checks, Instant Checkmate is the perfect online platform. It allows you to find your targeted person’s contact information, death records, social media profiles, phone numbers, addresses, and location data. The company only presents search results for people living in the US. It is a highly popular people search platform, as people conduct thousands of searches daily. The number is getting bigger and bigger over time.

By using Instant Checkmate, you can easily learn details about your friends, family members, colleagues, employees, neighbors, and anyone else. The company only uses specialized data sources to provide you with the results.

Instant Checkmate allows you to find out the criminal records, real age, addresses, and known aliases of a targeted person at ease. The company has already grabbed over 70000 5-star reviews from its users, and the number is growing rapidly. The BBB has given it an A+ rating in the category of people search.

9. Zebasearch

Zebasearch-People Search and Public Information Service-Find name, address, phone number, age, and many more

Zebasearch gathers information from different reputed data sources and lists it for you based on your input. In the digital world, you must strongly try to keep your personal identity private. Otherwise, it will easily become public when you marry, divorce, make a social media account, commit a crime, or contribute to a political campaign. That is where ZebaSearch gets information about a person you are searching for. To start with, you may search for your own name to satisfy yourself with the accuracy of the results shown by Zebasearch.

The first and foremost purpose behind using Zebasearch is to find your personal information in various public records. After that, you can move on to a targeted person who can be your friend, a family member, a co-worker, an employee, or anyone else. You can enter the first and last names in the search bar shown on the homepage of Zebasearch. You can narrow your search from All States to a particular US state. Other useful filters that you can use are a city name and an age. Zebasearch also allows you to suppress your data if you want to remove it from Zebasearch.

10. Research Strangers and Friends of Friends: Facebook

Facebook-Search People on World’s Largest Social Media Platform-Search, people by city, education, and work

As of April 2022, more than 2.936 billion accounts have been created on Facebook. The number of daily active accounts (DAUs) on Facebook is 1.960 billion. It means 67% of Facebook users log in to their accounts daily. It is one of the best places to search for people online. Your targeted person will certainly be among these 2.936 billion Facebook users. You can put a name you want to get information about. Facebook will come up with various results matching your searched name. You can narrow your search by using filters including Friends of Friends, City, Education, and Job.

Facebook also allows you to search people by their surname. You can get key information such as age, employment, education, activities, mutual friends, photos, and many more about a particular person from his/her Facebook profile. However, if your targeted person is using privacy, you must send a friend request to him/her to get information about it. If he/she denies your friend’s request, you will not be able to know much about him/her.


Conclusively, using the tools discussed in this article, you can easily find information about a particular person by simply searching his first name, last name, username, and surname. Not many people in the world have kept their personal information private in the modern digital world. You will certainly get your desired results by using any of these platforms. You must search your name to ensure the trustworthiness of a people search platform. Best of Luck!

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