It contains how to find people online and reduce your online footprint.

We talk about our in-house reverse username search and also our reverse email search.

We also introduce you to our premium members-only facilities to further help your online investigations.

How Safe are you online?

You may never know how serious online security and identity theft is until you fall victim to one of these fraudsters. Imagine one day you get a call from your bank about an unpaid $10 000 credit card charge that you have no idea about, or in a more extreme scenario, the cops bust down […]

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New Search Engine on the Block with UserSearch

We seem to be the newest search engine on the web.  So we thought it only fitting to create a regular blog to share our knowledge of open-source research skills on finding user profiles/emails / IP addresses and anything else publicly available online.  To do this, we’re known as For that security conscience, we

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