How to do a Reverse Property Address Lookup?

Many people believe that an address lookup will not work for them as they doubt its accuracy. However, it is more accurate than what they think. Reverse address lookups are an important tool used by real estate agents and people who need to change their location on a regular basis.

What is a Reverse Address Lookup?

A reverse address lookup, also known as reverse address search, deals with getting information about the current residents, former residents, and/or the owners of a home or property by simply using the street address. Before moving on to the types and workability of a reverse address lookup, you should be aware of the reasons behind using it.

People usually need it to screen their new neighbors, verify the information in their address book, learn more about a new house they want to buy, and uncover information about the neighborhood. It is a smart thing to do as you will not get such information via a standard Google or any other search engine quest. You will surely get surprised after getting a huge amount of information by using a single street address. It is certainly a prodigy in the age we are living in.

How does a Reverse Address Lookup Work?

The advancement in data collection and presentation technology has made it possible for us to search for enough details about a house or business property by just searching a street address. It was not possible to get such information in the recent past. Data possesses a huge power. In order to utilize it for various purposes, it has been collected on a territorial and national basis.

The reverse address lookup providers consolidate various data sources to build a single global data set. It allows people to get up-to-date information about a home or a property by just searching the street address. A reverse address lookup provider collaborates with official postal authorities, maps, geospatial data sources, and other regional data centers.

Types of Information You Get

If you are looking to get information about a property before making a purchasing decision, want to know your neighborhood, or getting information about a particular house, then reverse lookups can be handy. Some of the key information types that you can get about the people living or owning a property are:

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Phone numbers
  • Age
  • Relatives
  • Criminal history
  • Previous addresses
  • Social media accounts
  • Physical information about the property, such as area, number of bathrooms and bedrooms, estimated worth of the property, local area code, and the foundation date

Important Uses of property reverse lookups

You can use the reverse address lookup services for both personal and business uses.

Personal Use

Firstly, you would surely want to know who previously owned property or a home you want to buy. A reverse address lookup can serve this purpose and many more such as informing you about nearby businesses, schools, and other important locations. Another important personal reason to use reverse address lookup is to know your neighbors. You can simply get information about your neighbors by simply putting their residential addresses in the search bar of a reverse address lookup website or app.

Business Use

Secondly, you can use a reverse address lookup for business purposes. For example, you can get the address and identity verification of your new employee by searching his/her residential address. You can also check your employees’ criminal histories and honesty by using this tool. You have the address of a business you want to connect with, you can easily get the contact information and owner’s name by using this tool. If you are doing legal business, then you can use it to get information about suspects. It can also help you get information about someone who is avoiding you.

The 5 Best Reverse Address Lookup Websites

I have built a list of the five best websites that offer a reverse address lookup service to their clients.

1) Truthfinder

Truthfinder-A Reverse Address Platform-Search People and Places
Truthfinder-A Reverse Address Platform to Search People and Places

Truthfinder has an extensive database of residential and commercial properties across the US. The users can easily get their desired information about a property by searching the city, the state, or the exact address. However, you may expect to get the following results for your query: –

  • The first and last names of the present and past residents or owners
  • Ages of the present and past residents or owners
  • Relatives of the present and past residents or owners
  • The criminal track record of the present and past residents or owners

Truthfinder provides users with a detailed report of the results associated with a particular address. Remember, some of the data in the report can only be accessed if you pay for it.

2) Whitepages

The Homepage of Whitepages-A Prominent Reverse Address Lookup Platform
The Homepage of Whitepages-A Prominent Reverse Address Lookup Platform

You can easily fulfill your information needs from an old phone book standby provided by Whitepages to its clients. You can simply put an address that you want to explore, and Whitepages will come up with some key information about that particular address, including: –

  • The residents
  • The estimated age of the owner
  • The phone numbers of the residents or owners
  • The associated addresses
  • A map of the neighborhood

The company provides basic information about an address for free. In order to get advanced-level information, you can check out the sponsored links attached to the results page.

3) Intelius

Intelius-Reverse Address Lookup Tool- search names, phone numbers, and other details
Intelius-Reverse Address Lookup Tool to search names, phone numbers, and other details

Intelius is an excellent reverse address lookup application that provides its users with address lookup services. The users can easily get information about their desired location by putting their residential address. It is the best service for you if you want to know about a particular person living at a particular property. The user interface and the workability of the app are quite simple and convenient. You can get the following information by using this application: –

  • Bedroom count
  • Square footage of a property
  • The year in which the property was built
  • The value of the property
  • The owner of the property
  • Contact details of the current and past owners
  • Number of residents living in a home and their names
  • Neighborhood information

Remember, some of the basic search results are free of cost. However, you have to spend money to get more detailed information. As compared to other such service providers, Intelius is more cost-effective and useful.



If you want information about a person through his/her residential address, then you should choose ZebaSearch. It is a reverse address lookup platform that allows its users to get information about a person, his criminal record, employment history, and identity by just putting his/her address in the search bar. You do not have to register or enter in your credit card information to get the results. Here are some of the key results you get when you search for a residential address on ZebaSearch: –

  • The name of a resident
  • The criminal offenses committed by a resident
  • The employment history of a resident
  • The educational background of a resident
  • The age and date of birth of a resident

The search results shown by ZebaSearch for a particular address are highly accurate so you can trust them. The best thing about this platform is that it provides the users with the location of the office where your targeted person works. You will also get complete information about the number of employees and their names working in that office.

5) Cocofinder

CocoFinder-A Free Reverse Address Lookup Site-Provides Accurate Information
CocoFinder-A Free Reverse Address Lookup Site that Provides Accurate Information

The internet has made it easier to get useful information by searching a keyword. In terms of address records, you will receive complex results while searching for an address on Google or any other search engine. Here comes the CocoFinder platform that makes things easier for you. It allows you to get information related to a particular address without spending money. You can get the desired information by simply putting an address in the search option. The best thing about CocoFinder is its exceptional speed. You can get the following search results by using this platform: –

  • The social media profiles of a target
  • His age and relatives
  • Identity
  • His criminal history and court proceedings
  • The neighborhood information
  • The value of a property
  • Demographic information

CocoFinder is one of the most comprehensive reverse address lookup service providers available on the internet. You do not have to get registered to the platform via your email, which protects your privacy. The company keeps on updating the data over time. You can trust the search results as they are highly accurate.

What to Consider While Choosing a Reverse Address Lookup Website or App?

The first and foremost thing that you should consider while choosing a reverse address lookup website or application is the accuracy of the results. You should choose a vendor that provides a guarantee in this regard. Otherwise, you will waste your time and money. Remember, public records keep on changing over time. Your service provider should have a system that keeps updating over time based on the changes in the public records.

Secondly, you should consider the search fees offered by the website you are going to choose. You can spend more money competitively if it is trustworthy in terms of results. You should only pay if you get the desired results. Consider a website that does not require you to provide personal information, such as phone number or email address. It is important for your privacy.

Last but not least, you should do a competitive analysis of renowned websites offering such services. Do not forget to read reviews left by past clients about the services provided by a website. It will help you to choose the right vendor.

Data Sources for Reverse Address Lookup

The workability of a reverse address lookup website deals with finding accurate and comprehensive information related to an address. They gather data from public files, criminal databases, third-party data centers, and social media platforms.
In other words, reverse address lookup platforms gather data from different sources in a vast database. By using the finding feature, they provide accurate reports related to a particular search lodged by a user. They keep on updating the database based on the changes in the source data. For example, the ownership of a property keeps on changing over time. The database keeps updating when a new buyer purchases a property.

I hope this article helped you get enough information about how to do a reverse address lookup and its advantages. You can use the platforms discussed in this article to get key information about your targeted properties and people because they work accurately. Remember, you should only pay for accurate results.