How to find someone by photo?

Finding someone by the photo on google has become relatively easy nowadays than it was ten years ago. In addition, we now have better, advanced, and easy-to-use reverse image search tools that are free to use.

Currently, the best and one of the most used image search engines is Google Images. This tool is the best in that it uses very advanced search algorithms to deliver more defined search results. Additionally, it has a huge image database such that it can easily find all related indexed and non-indexed photos that already exist in its database.

So, do you know how to find someone by the photo on google? If not, then this article will be an ideal step-by-step guide for you but first, let’s start by defining what reverse image search is.

Reverse image search is a Query By Image Content (QBIC) query technique that applies computer vision techniques to solve image retrieval problems. The means image will be an abject on which the search will be based upon.

QBIC query technique is also known as Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) or content-based visual information retrieval (CBVIR).

When doing a reverse image search, the metadata associated with the image, such as tags, keywords, or descriptions, are irrelevant. However, the image’s content is analyzed and used as the metadata, thus the word “content-based.” In addition, the word “content” in this context refers to things like shapes, color, text, textures, and any other information that can be derived from the image.

And so, how do I perform a reverse image search on Google?

Well, let’s see!

How to reverse image search on Google

If you choose to use google images as your preferred search tool, then there are several things you should know. With Google images, you have the ability to either:

  • Reverse search with an image already saved on your phone,
  • search an image on your computer, or
  • reverse search with a picture from a website

Remember, if you’re looking to get specific results, you will need to select a specific or smaller area of the image. This area is the one that will be analyzed and searched by the search engine.  

Here is how you can do all these on your google app, web browser, or google chrome

How to search with a picture saved on your phone (Android, iPhone & iPad)

Step 1: Start by opening the Google app on your phone

Google app can help you search for an image directly from your phone
Google app can help you search for an image directly from your phone

Step 2: Click on the camera icon on the right side of your search bar.

Select the image tab in the search bar to find someone by image
Select the image tab in the search bar to find someone by image

Step 3: Upload a photo saved on your phone by tapping on the photo. Alternatively, you can take a photo using the” Search With Camera” option.

Upload a photo saved on your phone by tapping on the photo. Alternatively, you can take a photo using the" Search With Camera" option.
Upload a photo saved on your phone by tapping on the photo. Alternatively, you can take a photo using the” Search With Camera” option.

Step 4: After taking or uploading your photo, choose how you want to search.

  • Use a whole image: You can search the entire image if that’s your intent. So simply press “search” to start searching.
  • Use specific part of an image: If you want to search a specific area or a specific item in the photo, you can simply tap on the image and then drag the corners of the box to surround your selection, then search.
After taking or uploading your photo, choose how you want to search.
After taking or uploading your photo, choose how you want to search.

Step 5: Scroll to see the results

Scroll to see the results
Scroll to see the results

How to reverse search an image on your computer

Step 1:  Open on your browser

Step2: After that, click on the camera icon on the right side of the search bar.

Google images

Step 3: click on “Upload an image,” then click “Choose file” to select an image on your phone or computer storage.

Step 4: Select and upload the image you want to search, and boom, there you have the results. Keep in mind that Google will give all information related to your selected photo.

How to reverse search a picture from a website

These steps are primarily applicable when using a computer to perform a reverse image search.

Step 1: As usual, start by opening the Chrome browser

Step 2: Go to the website with the image that you intend to use as your search query

Step 3: While on that site, right-click the picture and select “Search images with Google Lens.”

Step 4: Select the part of a photo you want to search, and immediately a new window will open, showing the search results.

How do I find someone who stole my pictures?

Whether they are your business or personal pictures, someone can use them for good or wrong reasons without your consent. Therefore, if you want to find if your pictures have been stolen, a reverse image search can help with that.

To find who has stolen your pictures, you should do the following:

  • First, start selecting a reverse image search tool (i.e., google images, Yandex, Tineye, etc.) that you want to use,
  • Secondly, upload a photo that you want to search
  • Finally, check the results and see if that or other related pictures have been used.

Can you find someone’s name from a picture?

Yes, you can.

The primary target of every reverse search tool is to give you as much information as possible about a specific picture. This means you will get results like:

  • Name
  • Different image sizes
  • All websites or social pages where that picture has been used.
  • Relevant related images
  • Any info related to that picture

Unfortunately, not all images you search will give you that person’s name. However, you can try to maximize the possibility of getting someone’s name by using other strategies like finding a person’s profile on Facebook.

It is important to note that besides google image search, there are other powerful reverse image search tools out there. Some are from famous search engines like Yahoo and Bing, while others are from the largest stock photos websites like Getty Images.

Anyway, below are the top 10 best image search tools that you can use:

The most popular and easy-to-use image search tool is Google image search. This image search engine is, in fact, a go-to tool for most people, and here are the main reasons why:

  • Easy to use
  • Totally free to use
  • Provide exact results of the image
  • Shows the size of the image
  • Helps check copyright
  • Shows related images results as well.

2. TinEye Look-Up Tool

TinEye is an advanced reverse image recognition tool that is also used by a significant number of people. This tool tracks where a specific image appears on the web, meaning it can help you deal with copyright issues very easily. And if you’re a marketer, it can also be essential in keeping track of images used by your competitors, thus giving you and your business a competitive edge.

Another best image search tool is simple and easy-to-use  Bing Visual Search. This tool was initially introduced in March 2014 as Microsoft’s image reverse search engine.

Bing visual search is another ideal tool for marketers to check if their competitors are using specific images. Additionally, it is also compatible with any browser, thus providing more convenience.

This reverse image search tool may not be popular, but still one of the best search tools available. Even though people say it delivers different results compared to google image search, this tool still works the same way as google’s visual search engine. Overall, Yahoo Image Search is an easy-to-use tool. You should try it out!

5. Pinterest Visual Search Tool

Pinterest having their own reverse image search tool makes sense, right? After all, they are an image-based platform, so it is perfect for them to have such a tool.

The Pinterest visual search is another pretty simple use tool, and it only takes three steps to complete a reverse image search:

  • Sign in to Pinterest
  • Tap/click on any feed that you want to search
  • And at the bottom-right corner of that image, click the icon shown there.


One of the notable features for every reverse image search tool in this list is that they are simple and easy to use, and Yandex isn’t an exception.

This tool has its own unique features and innovations that make it stand out. To find someone by a picture in Yandex is relatively easy. Nevertheless, the good thing is that it delivers more specific results than most tools in this list. This reverse image search tool is more widely used in Russia than in any part of the world.

7. Picsearch

Each image search engine has a unique algorithm that allows it to provide you with your intended results. Picsearch provides you with more varied results, unlike Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Therefore, you should try this reverse image search engine if you are looking for more varied search results that match your image query.

8. Getty Images

Getty Images is fairly popular to most people as it is one of the largest stock photo sites along with Shutterstock. However, most of us know it primarily as a site where you can search for specific photos to use; thus, we rarely associate it with reverse image search.

Fortunately, you can also use this site to perform a reverse image search for almost any image.


If you’re a marketer looking for an excellent free reverse image search tool that also allows you to check plagiarism and word count, try  PREPOSTSEO. This reverse image lookup tool is primarily perfect for content creators. It is a free-to-use tool; however, it has paid premium plans for advanced search, which may be helpful to you.

Categorizing search results according to search engines (Google, Bing, and yahoo) is another useful feature that this tool has. This feature allows you to get more specified results while also providing various choices to work with.


10. CamFind

Well, to properly wrap up our top 10 list of best image lookup tools, it will be good to mention at least one reverse image search app for iPhone and Android.

CamFind, therefore, is a simple and easy-to-use app that is available for both iPhone and Android. “Basic yet functional” is a correct phrase to describe this incredible app. With this app, there is no need to open your browser or use your computer to perform a reverse image search.

Download CamFind for free: Android | iOS.

Image Metadata

Before we dive into ‘how to access and view your image metadata,’ it is essential that we first understand what photo metadata is.

What is image metadata?

Image metadata refers to specific details and information about a particular image file. This includes information such as file name, author, date created, themes, content, and more. The information is essential in that it helps users organize, sort, and maintain a variety of pictures within a system.

Basically, when we look at the picture, there is little information that we can collect without metadata. However, when we add image metadata to it, we can collect much more detailed information such as:

  • Date created,
  • Image title,
  • Author (photographer),
  • Geographical location,
  • Camera type,
  • Pixels,
  • File type and more.

Generally, when it comes to things like ‘how to find someone by Photo,’ metadata does play a very important role. This is simply because metadata provides important information and details that a reverse image search engine can use to find someone by a picture. So, how can you view an image’s metadata?

Well, let’s see.

How to access and view your image metadata

Accessing image metadata is a pretty straightforward process since it doesn’t require you to have any special skills or software. And so, in this section, I will show you how to do it for both Windows and Mac users.

For Windows users

  1. Start by locating the image file you want to check its metadata
  2. Right-click that picture
  3. Down the popup menu, select ‘properties.’
  4. On the top popup window, click on ‘Details.’
  5. And there you’ve your image file metadata

For Mac users

  1. Locate and open your image using ‘Finder.’
  2. Using your keyboard or mouse, highlight your intended file
  3. After that, you can then Press Command
  4.  A new window will open containing relevant details about your image file


Well, I hope this article has given you a clear overall view of how to find someone by photo and all you need to know about reverse image search. Keep in mind that image metadata plays a major role when analyzing an image because it gives descriptive and in-depth details about a photo that isn’t visible to the naked eye.