Top 5 Reverse Email Lookup Tools

Nearly every day, humans receive many emails, both private and professional, and a large number of spam emails. The sender is usually a trusted source; however, we occasionally receive it from unknown sources. We are intrigued by the user behind the email address. Regrettably, few people know the process for tracing such details through email lookup tools. In truth, there are numerous straightforward methods for locating the email owner that assists you in determining whether the email is spam or not.

This post will go through different methods for locating someone using their email address and the characteristics of each top 5 reverse email OSINT tool.
This post will go through different methods for locating someone using their email address and the characteristics of each top 5 reverse email OSINT tool.

What Is An Email Lookup?

An email lookup tool, often known as an email finder, is a tool that enables you to obtain a lead’s email address by relying on their private information. It could include the user’s identity, the company, and social networking links.

An email search tool decodes HTML pages to locate email accounts that have been posted online. You can use the email lookup tool to check emails in both single and batch email searches. Some systems include an extensive database of business email accounts to help you locate what you’re hunting for.

You may need to employ email address-finding tools for advertising or business objectives. Connecting out to users for business-related communication and interaction is highly effective during the recruiting phase of the marketing cycle. It’s also crucial to confirm that the email address you received is genuine. It helps double-check that you’re engaging with actual customers as quickly as possible because you don’t want your email campaign newsletter to bounce.

What you need in a tool:

  1. Precision: It is the essential function of any email-finding application. Check if the program you’re using has a good track record of finding the proper email addresses.
  2. Numerous Search Options: Email finders provide various search options, including individual and group searches. You’ll want to find a program that lets you do searches in both directions while maintaining precision.
  3. Offers Search Filters: You can refine your search utilizing email discovering options depending on the domain, category, geographical location, and business site. You can run quick searches on several thousands of social media sites, even if findings are not always guaranteed.
  4. Simple User Interface: A good reverse email lookup tool has a simple and easy-to-use interface. If a tool is complex, it will take longer to achieve the results, reducing productivity.
  5. Verifies Email Addresses: Email verification ensures that your user’s credibility is not harmed by emailing incorrect addresses. Use a competent reverse email lookup tool to prevent the requirement for another tool for validation.
  6. Simple Integrations: The majority of people do not use email finders on their own. It will be advantageous if the tool you will utilize is compatible and can be coupled with other tools.
  7. Domain-Specific Searches: If you require the email addresses of its employees, run an email domain search if you have the business’s domain name and website. It will assist you in locating all of the relevant information on the unidentified user.
  8. Simple Exporting: Use the simple export options provided by any email lookup tool to put your information to work for you. You may download information from the email finder to your device using the simple export option in seconds.

What is Reverse Email Lookup? 

The free reverse email lookup is an application that helps you learn more about people’s origins and identities by email addresses. Email lookup applications require you to enter the person’s email address you are searching for. After that, it will show you the best possible matching results.  This service is helpful if someone is looking for someone but only has the person’s email address. It will aid in detecting stalkers, bogus users, and fake business entities.

You may locate contact information, social media profiles, and general background for individuals with an email address lookup. Lookup services are particularly appealing because of their robust linkages with databases and accessible search engines.

Recognize Email Lookup Restrictions

The first limitation is the free structure of specific email search tools. In reality, one of the most common tricks these firms use is that the search is free, but the results are not. Another annoyance is thinking you’ve found a free site only to discover it redirects you to a premium one.

Another issue, particularly for advertisers, is that authenticating email addresses might be difficult or impossible. For example, explicitly states that it only functions with expert domains.

Then there’s the question of speed. Suppose you operate an online business and need to check the emails of many customers in real time. In that case, your only option is to integrate an email monitoring API into your software. The results of risk analysis software are almost instantaneous. However, other services require you to input addresses one at a time and wait up to a few minutes for the results.

Also, you should not confuse reverse email search engines with email searches or email finders. An email account search tool helps find an address solely on a name; the opposite is true. The email search industry is made up of a variety of solutions.

Finally, there’s the problem of data quality to consider. Usually, users want material that is current and fresh. However, a simple experiment indicates that many of the tools mentioned earlier must search through old databases to obtain specific data, undermining the objective. In contrast, merely putting the email address into a search tool yields better results with some screening checkers.

Top 5 Email Lookup Tools

Nowadays, countless email lookup tools help you find any recipient’s email address. Some are separate applications or sites, while others are web plugins.

The email searching tools below might help you identify and validate your target addresses. It increases your chances of finding your intended user’s email address.


Epieos obtains many elements connected with an email address using OSINT techniques without informing the user. The program may check to determine if an email address has been used on multiple social networking sites or internet sites.

The obtained email has profiles on Amazon, Discord, Plurk, Samsung, Spotify, and Wattpad, as shown in the sample below.

The picture shows the home page of the email lookup tool: Epieos.
The picture shows the home page of the email lookup tool: Epieos.
Individual search result for email lookup Epieos
 Individual search results for email lookup Epieos

Epieos view accessibility and data sharing as essential elements for spreading understanding of OSINT approaches and are notably committed to the OSINT and cyber-security groups worldwide. Because of this, Epieos does not log any of your information!

This one-of-a-kind search tool is a simple method of finding data. Every month, it assists many individuals working on threat intelligence, child molestation prevention, investigative reporting, and other projects.


UserSearch is a tool that can perform reverse email searching across hundreds of websites for free. How does the tool work? It scans hundreds of social networks and checks their HTML code. It then searches that code to see if your chosen email address exists anywhere on that page. This is a great technique as it can detect hidden email addresses that the website may not display purposefully.

A great tool for passive email collection and to find hidden emails that the websites did not want you to see!
A great tool for passive email collection and finding hidden emails that the websites did not want you to see!

They also offer a feature that allows you to point the tool directly at a specific website. It then pulls out all the email addresses found on that site so you can quickly copy/paste them for another search.

Dork Search is a search tool that uses complex search operators to locate information not readily available on a website. Google Dorking can provide login information, mailing lists, secret information, individually identifiable financial data, and website flaws as a passive exploitation tactic. You can exploit this data for various illicit purposes. For instance, you can use it for cyber security, cyber-attacks, stealing information, identity fraud, and cyber-bullying.

Using Google Dorks to find mailing lists is a breeze. (See example below).

Dork search is an email lookup tool to locate users' information.
Dork search is an email lookup tool to locate users’ information.
The above picture displays the findings from an email lookup tool, DorkSearch.
The above picture displays the findings from an email lookup tool, DorkSearch. 

Google Dorking provides endless possibilities, a place where a person can locate knowledge that no one else can quickly obtain. This reverse email lookup tool has a lot of control and accountability when using extensive searches. Besides, the tool has potentially guarded confidential material; hence, you may face legal consequences if you obtain it without authorization.

ScamSearch is a free public directory that contains information on reported scammers. You can find their email, contact information, username, website, and blockchain address.

Many fraudsters are skilled at concealing their genuine identities and will dupe you into believing they are trustworthy. The tool allows you to conduct a quick free search. You can determine if any fraudster has ever identified or used a particular person, contact information, email address, or digital currency address. If it has, you should use caution while interacting with them.

Also, you can use API for free as it is open to the public. Any information can be found on the site’s webpage layout. You can send them complaints and run checks using the API. You must first enroll as a member to obtain the tool’s verification key. If you utilize API in your project, please credit the tool.

The search findings for the famous apparel brand Mango are shown below:

Find your scammer using Scam Search's email lookup tool.
 Find your scammer using Scam Search’s email lookup tool.
The reverse email lookup tool covers every scam and includes telephone scams and offline hoaxes, including door-to-door scams.
The reverse email lookup tool covers every scam and includes telephone scams and offline hoaxes, including door-to-door scams.


This reverse lookup tool was created in response to what was, at the time, the most significant single invasion of consumer accounts – Adobe. This tool serves two fundamental functions: first, it serves the people. Security breaches are common, yet many people are unaware of the magnitude or speed they arise. Combining the data here not only assists victims in learning about account breaches but also illustrates the severity of cyber threats on internet technology.

Furthermore, the site offers a good scenario for running various platforms through their tests. It also maintains hands-on skills and relatively up-to-date projects to stay relevant and concentrate more on software configuration and less on practical development.

Search for pwned accounts through this email lookup tool
Search for pwned accounts through this email lookup tool.
Check if your email or contact details are in a data breach of this email lookup tool.
Check if your email or contact details are in a data breach of this email lookup tool.

According to this email finder tool, the preceding sample is of a clothing brand, and the email includes no incidences where data was mistakenly released to the public. The tool also gave information about the breaches.

To Summarize

Finding information about users on the internet appears problematic, and the technique is time-consuming and requires dedication. That’s when email lookup tools step in to save the day, offering a variety of ways for your firm to utilize them. Whether your company uses a premium or free email finder service, an email lookup tool is beneficial. It will help you enhance your data and generate more focused advertising.