Why is Everyone Using a Username Generator?

According to a survey done by Global WebIndex, 58.4% of the world’s population will use social media during the year 2022. But, how can a username generator help?

Did you know that based on the total website traffic, statistically, Instagram is one of the world’s most popular websites, with 2.9 billion monthly views? Also, it is considered to be the second most downloaded application worldwide. Besides, it has over 1 Billion Users every month who use this app.

With over a billion users, finding an Instagram username can be very difficult.
With over a billion users, finding an Instagram username can be very difficult.

With more and more people becoming tethered to the virtual world and becoming permanent members of such a community, the concept of identity becomes even more relevant. But how do you identify yourself in the virtual world? How do you stay unique while being anonymous? With a unique username, of course!

Twitter is not far behind in its number of users either.
Twitter is not far behind in its number of users either.

But given the current number of people on social networking sites, finding a unique username becomes difficult. Protecting your identity is vital to the added danger of hacking and data theft. It is in situations like this where a username generator comes in handy.

What is a username Generator?

As is evident from the name, it is an app or a program that helps users generate usernames for their online activities. These can be random or based on your specifications, such as your preferred pronouns, consisting of a color, numerical or special character, etc.

A username generator proves beneficial if this username needs to be read and perceived by others – like on a group/ community. Not to mention, it helps you remain anonymous online.

Today, with the number of people online growing every day, more websites are coming up with unique username generators. Most of these tend to be free, meaning one can use them virtually. But a few may require you to make payments for their services.

Several websites have come up, each dedicated to creating more usernames
Several websites have come up, each dedicated to creating more usernames

Why should you use a username generator?

The most straightforward answer is for safety. With cybercrimes and shady websites increasing, it becomes even more important to hide your virtual footprint. Cyber security experts always suggest you do not use your real name and information on the website unless it is for legal work such as banking or medical purposes. Using different usernames for different websites and passwords ensures that you mostly remain untraceable. This way, if any accounts are hacked, the others do not suffer the same fate.

Undeniably, using a VPN, anyone can make themselves even more secure by hiding their IP address.

A VPN encrypts IP addresses so it cannot be tracked.
A VPN encrypts IP addresses so it cannot be tracked.

Username generator: How to see if a username is already taken?

Considering how important it is for users to have their accounts “verified” (the nifty blue tick beside their usernames) shows how essential a good username is. But what if the unique username you have been desperately eyeing has already been taken up? Well, it is a definite possibility.

Several websites have been made accessible to address the escalating job of setting aside the username all over the web that offers variable degrees of this function.

Sites like KnowEm (knowem.com) have access to over 120 websites to check username availability. Users can either pay a one-time fee of $64.95 to register all of their unclaimed usernames in their 120-site database. Or you can subscribe monthly.

Sites like knowem have been specially designed to generate usernames and other such protective services.
Sites like knowem have been specially designed to generate usernames and other such protective services.

What is the best Username Generator?

Unfortunately, like all things in the endless void that is the internet, there hardly seems to be a consensus on which is the best username generator. Nonetheless, here are three of our top picks for you:


Perhaps one of the most popular and widely used online name generators, Nordpass initially started as a password manager. Today, it generates names and lets you run them through popular sites. They include Reddit, Youtube, Twitter, and Pinterest. The only drawback is that the user interfaces may be difficult to navigate.

NordPass is currently one of the most used username-generating websites.
NordPass is currently one of the most used username-generating websites.


Although the databases through which it searches are a little limited, SpinXo is quite a versatile name generator for users. It asks for your hobbies, favorite numbers, nicknames, things you like, and some crucial words before generating thirty names simultaneously!

SpinXo is such a cute website and offers many fun options for users.
SpinXo is such a cute website and offers many fun options for users.

Rum and Monkey

This website’s name generator/ username generator is almost as fun as its name. It has very specific categories under which it can generate multiple usernames for you. Some of its rather unique categories include “What they call you behind your back name generator,” “your minion name generator,” “serial killer alias generator,” and “the blacklist villain name generator,” among a plethora of others.

You can spend hours on this website generating specific and fun usernames
You can spend hours on this website generating specific and fun usernames.

How to create a good username?

It comes to the very simple question of how to generate a unique username that you like and one that isn’t already being used by someone else. Even though there are no rigid regulations, here we have come up with some valuable tips and tricks. You can make use of a username generator as well.

1. Use your middle name or nickname

It is totally fathomable if anyone does not wish to use their first name or surname. Cyber security experts are urging users to exercise more caution and omit the use of their first and last names unless it is for official or legal business. But if you are struggling to begin, a good starting point is to go back to something you’re familiar with – a known name.

For instance, if your middle name is “Jennifer,” consider using alliteration to create usernames, such as “JustJenny” or “JenniferJuggles.”

2. Pick something you’re known for

This trick is to make your username feel unique and like something that belongs only to YOU. Try to think of something you’re known for or that people use to define you. For instance, if you are known in your circle as someone who loves to knit, you can have a username such as “The_Knitting_Knight,”. Or if you are an avid cinephile, try something funny as “Simp_For_Cinema.” That way, people will know it’s you!

3. Pick a quirk or a unique habit

Do you love wearing denim all year round (we are horrified even writing this)? Are you someone who listens to K-pop? Most people have unique features that make them different from everyone else.

Try taking that unique feature and turning it into a username. This makes for funny usernames and separates you from the billions of several other users. For instance, “TheDenimAddict” or “Kpop_is_life” are unique names for the traits mentioned above. Take help of username generators if needed.

4. Use your pet’s name

This has to be the trick from the past in the book. It is because we remember doing it back when we were using Myspace and Orkut. If you have a pet, take its name and add a number to it. While it is very tempting to take the easy route and add your birth date or year, we highly suggest against doing that. Instead, go for more generic dates such as the year you graduated, you got your driver’s license, or the year you won your first spelling bee championship.

5. Set the tone of your channel

If you are a content creator with a specific niche, a fantastic idea would be to structure and name your channel surrounding that. This tactic is known as branding. For instance, if you are a Youtuber, think of your Youtube channel’s purpose or what type of audience you are targetting. If you are a beauty guru or someone who does makeup tutorials and reviews makeup products and such related stuff, incorporate that into your username (like “Glambie_Does_Makeup” or “Glamzilla”).

Similarly, suppose your content is more educational, such as veganism, reviewing vegan diets, finding affordable vegan options for struggling individuals, or simply helping people learn about veganism. In that case, you may opt for names such as “The Helpful Vegan,” “The Sustainable Vegan,” or “Your Vegan Guide.” This not only brands your channel, but the soft wording makes you seem more approachable.

6. Include keywords or search words

If you are a small business owner and depend on the internet for word of mouth and customers, your username becomes your most important weapon. The more quickly your business name pops up on search engines like Google, the more fruitful your business will be.

For that to happen, a sure-shot way is to include buzzwords or keywords into your username. For example, if someone is a jewelry designer, “MollyMakesCustomJewellery” might be perfect. If you are a baker, “Cathy’s Bakery” would be a nice name; as a cook, “Chef Daryl Cooks” would sound cool.

Check out other competitor brands, google popular hashtags, and dive into what types of keywords you should include.

Usually, most social websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will instantly let you know if the username you have typed already exists.

What are the most common usernames?

The security expert at NordPass, Mr. Chad Hammond, says that while passwords remain the most important attribute when securing an individual’s social media accounts, security experts always encourage users to pay equal attention to usernames.

Usernames that are easy to guess are like having a bullseye on yourself. In 2020, NordPass put together a list of the 200 most popular usernames, and the result was more than surprising. Most people tend to look for aesthetically pleasing names that are very cute and feminine or ones containing specific personality traits or unique spellings of common things. Surprisingly, unlike popular belief, the most popular usernames aren’t the ones containing “user” or “admin,” but some of the people’s real names.

As per this list, the most used username that 8,75,562 users worldwide use is not a name. The word/ term “ยศกร,” signifies “title” in Thailand. This is followed by David, Alex, Maria, Anna, and Marco, which were used 470646, 451546, 438485, 387660, and 352629 times respectively. We suggest you look at NordPass’s exhaustive list, which may help guide you in what not to do. Check out the list here.

Username generator: Let’s Recall

Creating a username may be a nightmare when you sign up for new accounts. While to youngsters who mostly use social media platforms for fun and entertainment, the idea of selecting a username may seem like a trivial matter. But now we know better.

Heedless of why someone has to come up with a username for online admittance to social media or financial transactions services, what is vital is to do it correctly. Too challenging, and you’re likely to forget your password; too non-specific, you risk blending in with the crowd, or worse, getting your account hacked.

Also, with more and more of our lives being displayed in the virtual space, it becomes easier for potential employers to trace your digital footprint. Would you not want your boss or coworkers to find any incriminating evidence on you? Besides, you will desire to confirm that your username isn’t too risque. Tongue-in-cheek play with words can get you in trouble at your workplace.

The safest and most effective way is to use a username generator. The advantage is that multiple websites, apps, and extensions are available, so you are spoilt for choices. If you think the usernames generated by them are too generic, multiple paid options will reserve the username of choice for you.

We hope this article helped you and made the username selection process more manageable.