Does a dating website know you? has recently had a lot of emails about dating agencies and how easy it is to work out if an email address is known to a particular dating website.  So, instead of emailing everyone back we’ve decided to give you a ‘how to find it quick post’. 


Great arnt we?

So we’ve used the tricks discussed in our previous post called ‘Can you find my hidden email address?’ and picked a random email address to do some checks to see if our random email tends to use online dating agencies.

Now there is a fly in the ointment.  We’ve noticed most websites pre-block common email addresses because they are known for spam and other reasons.  So our technique isnt fool-proof as there could be a legit reason for obtaining a positive result.  But, this is in the minority of cases.

Meet fred.  Fred is a random email address online. We’ve decided to see if Fred tends to use dating websites.  After 10 minutes we’ve found out Fred is registered on the top three paid for dating websites.  Busy chap.

The chances are is such a short generic email these websites have automatically blocked any registration using the address.  But for fictional purposes he’s doing just fine.  Obveosly we dont want to mention what sites these are but trust us when we say they are rather popular!




And there you have it.  Within 10 minutes we’ve found fred on the top 3 most popular dating agencies online.  Like we discussed in our previous post, its virtually impossible for any website to avoid a trick like this.

You may say, but what if Fred just leaves the website? Aha.  How many times have you received spam emails from websites you’ve apparently ‘left’ 5 years ago? These websites hold your email addresses forever and a day on the hope you return! Try it yourself if you don’t believe us.

How did we do it? We just tried to join up to one of these sites using the email address  Simplos.  Now we could get really interesting and do the same trick on a few social networks and perhaps use our own search engine to see where the user profile ‘Fred’ is registered, then things get really interesting.

But thats enough for today.



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