Find Users on TikTok, Instagram, Kik, telegram, and Paypal!

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye. shall find; knock, and it shall” be opened unto you

Using our reverse lookups you can find users on Kik, telegram, TikTok, Instagram, and many more.

Our users wanted quite a few new websites that they could search usernames for. We received a few hundred of these requests so we’ve added the most popular. This combined user base increases the number of users we can search across by approximately billions. So we’re quite happy about that. In short, we can now search for users across the following news websites:

  • facebook
  • Gamespot
  • Instructables
  • Weheartit
  • Meetme
  • Paypal
  • Kinja
  • kik
  • telegram
  • tiktok
  • instagram
  • Tiktok (most popular request!)
Tiktok is one of the fastest-growing sites online. That’s why we now allow reverse user lookups on TikTok!

Our most popular request to search users for was Tiktok, by a ratio of 40%! So we figure that website is pretty popular these days. We had a check on google and apparently over 100,000 people search for the search term ‘find users on TikTok or ‘user search tiktok’, so it would be rather a bad form if the largest and ‘bestest’ reverse username search online did not cover the most popular usersearch term online.

Another update…new fresh design

Are you trying to find a user profile on Instagram? our user search tool will do this within seconds.

Indeed, we know it’s not the spring, and we’ve not really changed our design for about 100 years, but we thought it a good time to do this now. We’ve hired some very talented designers to give us a fresh new look. We’ve updated the main searching page and we hope you find it a little more modern. We’re soon to update the about page, followed by all the other contact/privacy pages. Finally, we will be updating the results page that you may be familiar with. Don’t worry, we know a lot of users spend a long time in this area so we will put a lot of consideration into what’s best for you. Users come first!

So, in summary, with lots of new user lookups and users searching for TikTok, Instagram, Kik, and many more popular sites, fresh new designs are underway. Were also working on some advanced features, which will talk about in the next post.

Want us to include another social media site? just email us at and we’ll get right on it.

Bye for now and happy user searching.

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