Who are we?

We are a small team of developers who have a passion for open source data, software development, and helping people. We built this site to make the internet a little more 'open' to everyone who involves themselves in internet communities. The site is free, there's no catch. We hope this website makes your internet experience a little more safer.

Our site, Usersearch.org, is a unique website that offers visitors the ability to search the internet and deep web for information not included in standard search engines. Many different users come to our site from all walks of life, whether its to ensure their old user accounts are closed or not publically accessable, to families of missing persons hoping to find some informaiton to help their situation, to police officers who are tracking down scammers. The website is being used for good purposes that we never originally predicated. We are mentioned in many books and also covers in National TV for helping victims of online scams.

Security : We use SSL encryption as standard across our site so your connection is secure. We DO NOT record any searches you make on our site. We'll repeat that, WE DO NOT record what you search for. We don't use databases, we don't record any results, its all in RAM (the processing section of our server). Our server is designed to WIPE all live processes (RAM) every 8 minutes, for added security. We do use Google Analytics along with most other websites online these days, which shows us number of visitors and what pages are more useful, this helps us focus on new searches for the most popular pages. If you have any concerns or questions on data, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The site consists of a public search area and a separate Premium area for registered users. The Premium area is currently closed and being worked on, but we'll make an anouncement once its open. If there's a website you'd like us to include, please let us know!

We also have a blog (link at bottom of page), that covers updates but more importantly has some useful articles on how to stay safe online.

To make contact, email at support@usersearch.org.

We currently have 7 different types of user searches, each varied in depth and thoroughness, designed for your needs (details of which described below).

What can we do?

We are proud to say our website supports the largest user base of supported sites to search across all major reverse username search engines.

Our Social Network search comes in two flavours, standard and advanced. The standard search includes searching for a username across 60 of the most popular social networks online, including tiktok, instagram, facebook and many, many more. We will check whether a username is currently in existence across all these networks and where they are, we will give you the URL to browse to their profile but also a link on where you should go, should you wish to delete a profile on that social network.

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Our dating network search is our newest and most innovative of user search checks, it can check quickly whether a username is currently in use on the top dating sites including searching for users on tinder, Badoo and many more. We are adding to this search currently and hope to add many more in the short term.

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We are the only reverse username search to include crypto currency forums as default. We found quite quickly that our users wanted to quickly follow crypto currency influencers and find their friends across the internet. Crypto forums do not provide an easy to search method of doing this. Currently we support over 50 of the top crypto currency networks and this is growing all the time.

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We are the only reverse username search to include standard discussion forums. The internet is rife with activity and discussion, why not provide a username search for all these sites.

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Our site allows users to check all the dark areas where hackers lurk, to see if their email address has ever been mentioned or included in a hacked website data dump. We don't have access to the passwords, only the record of whether your email has been included. If you find yourself within that list and you have not reset all your online passwords recently, we strongly suggest you do. This search has been made possibly thanks to the most gracious developers over at haveibeenpwned.com.

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How does the site work?

We have done a lot of research in knowing where a particular user profile should exist across hundreds of social networks and forums. We've built our own online robots which go out searching for this data and pulls back confirmation on whether a particular user exists at that locaiton based on your search. Its pretty simple, but done in huge scale to save you time.

We hope from you using our free tool, that you can become more aware of your pubilc profiles online and help improve your own data privacy. You can also visit out blog (link below) to help you stay safe online.


Usersearch.org is not affiliated with any other website and is not responsible for the content held from other websites. Use of any picture, reference or logo belonging to other websites found on Usersearch.org is purely for presentation purposes and does not represent any affiliation or agreement with any third party.