How to Find Someone’s Social Media Accounts by Email Address or Username?

Social media, gaming sites, dating sites and forums have utterly changed how we communicate and interact with people, it has led the way into entirely new avenues of social interaction and inter-connection with relationships. Most online users, without knowing, share huge volumes of their information to social networks, potentially opening themselves up to stalking, fraud and identity theft. However, it doesn’t look like these websites will be going away any time soon. You can find out a lot about people, purely from checking their online accounts.

Find someone online by email address or username
Find someone online by email address or username

Why would you try and find someone on Social Media?

When you first meet a person online, possible from a dating site say?, your natural reaction is to get to know them, see if you have anything in common with each other. Traditionally, that involves talking to them. However, we are increasingly becoming impatient and want instant information. Social Networks and Social Profiles are a great place to start for instant-information. Checking out their pictures can also give a good picture of the type of person your dealing with, and how publicly open they are, which can give you a few warning signs.

Whether they admit it or not, your employers and managers use social media and Google to peek on their staff, before offering them a job. Ensuring someone fits into the culture and mindset of their corporate world is important, and if everyone in that organisation is a cat person and you post thousands of pictures of your dog, it may indicate a culture clash.

Be careful who you talk to online..they may not be who they say they are.
Be careful who you talk to online..they may not be who they say they are.

Before you consider selling or purchasing anything from a stranger, it would be wise to check them out on social media and other online communities they may be active on. Social media has made this a little easier to check out strangers, if nothing else but to keep you safe. The issue with this is, some users often pretend to be someone they are not, which is called called catfishing. Keep an eye on this and be mindful!

Maybe you’ve lost touch with a parent, neighbour, old friend, or someone you had feelings for a long time ago but never told them. These are all good reasons why social media is useful to track someone down.

Need to find their emaila address..

If you do need to find someone online on social media using a username, email address or phone number, you first need to know what it is. There are lots of different ways to do this, such as:

How to obtain their email address online
How to obtain their email address online
  • Use an email lookup tool such as There are other sites which do this, but just be aware aware that most will try and charge you. They tell you such and such is available, but to need to pay. UserSearch on the other hand is completly free. It does have an advanced version here, but you can get by just using the free one!
  • Use the DuckDuckGo search engine or any other search engine and type in their email address, however a hint is to include the email in “”, which tellst the search engine to perform a specific search rather than generic (avoids all the generalised guesing that the search engine thinks you want).
  • Visit their employers website and see if they list who their staff are. If so, quite often there are contact details for each staff member, including an email address and full name. Even if they don’t, there will be a generic contact address which will give you an idea of how that company structures their email formatting. 
  • Take a guess! If you know their first name and last name, try typing in “[email protected]” into a search engine. It doesn’t take a lot of guessing to find the correct one, if they use their actual names as email addresses (which business emails do!).
  • If the person your looking for has a public profile, such as a blog or website, its a good idea to sign up for any newsletters they offer, as once you recieve a new letter you can see what their email address is. If they have a website, you can also check out who registered the website using a website WHOIS query. If the website owner has not set the details to private, not only with you get their email address, but you’ll get their phone number and home address!

Find them using email address or username

Ok, so now you may have the persons email or username, so now you can have some fun. The below lists some of the most common ways you can use this information, to gain more information.

How to Find Someone on Social Media Using Their Email Address
How to Find Someone on Social Media Using Their Email Address

You found their possible email address? well done! Now, there are a few ways you can double check its actual the correct user profile, by searching for them on social accounts. The most common are listed below but there are many more. And..if your in a hurry and you don’t want to visit each site to do this, you can use a Reverse User Search like UserSearch, which allows you to check literally hundreds of social networks to find a user, in one click.


First thing first, you need to log into facebook using your own account. Next, you need to click the magnifying glass at the top of the screen. Type in the person’s full name or email address. You will pretty quicly see all the matches that come up. If any of them look like your person, you can click on them to see if it matches what your looking for. If it is, you have a huge volume of information to work from and base further online searches for..if you want! 


First, visit twitter and log into your own account. In the top right of the screen you can enter an email address or username. If there is an account, it will pop up there. You can also try this with a username, as twitter generally has a username as the profile identification link (e.g. ours is Usersearch_web).


First log and check the top left of your screen.. You should see another magnifying glass. Just like the others, enter the details and see what comes out. If you get a hit, you can usually see their employer too, which you can visit and gain more information from.

Google Search 

Google is a big one to use. You can guess and review until your bored. Try different versions of email address’s, usernames and potential phone numbers. Google will index and list any public information listed in a users profile, so if you hit on the correct combination, you will see the user profile. As mentioned earlier, a good trick to reduce false positives is to in-case your search terms with “”, to make your search more specific.

UserSearch Search Tool

The awsome thing about UserSearch is that it pulls hundreds and hundreds of dating sites, social networks, finance

Stay safe and check online accounts first!
Stay safe and check online accounts first!

forums, crypto forums and many more types of social networks and communities into one place. Using UserSearch search tool, you can enter one possible username or email address, and thet tool will search against all the websites in a matter of seconds. If it finds a userprofile under that search term, you’ll get a button to quicly click and view the profile. It is by far the fastest way to find someone online. And once you’ve found one profile, you can use the inforamtion from it to run more searches. Before long, you know everything about that person!

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