How to find someone on Facebook?

Facebook is the most loved and top-rated social communication and networking site on the internet. In reality, nearly every facet of our everyday lives is reflected on Facebook. It’s an obsession for some and a passion for others. Every Facebook user is aware of nukes and corners of the current Facebook world. With a few exceptions, almost anyone that you may know would have surely used or would have created a Facebook profile for themselves. A lot of folks talk about how they tracked down their kindergarten classmates on Facebook. Isn’t it wonderful and amazing? So, how can those who don’t have a Facebook profile track out their long-lost friends and loved ones? There are a few alternatives for searching for someone on Fb with or without having to create an official account.

Facebook login Interface.  Recognize it? one of the largest social networks online.  Best you learn how to find people on it.
Facebook login Interface. Recognize it? one of the largest social networks online. Best you learn how to find people on it.

Taking the technical and straightforward route, Facebook allows users to contribute a lot of personal details to their profiles. The platform’s primary goal is to connect people together via information exchange. You may use this to find someone on Facebook, whether it’s a close pal, an old colleague, neighbors, relatives, or anybody else.

Using Facebook directory to find someone without a login

The official Facebook directory. In this interface, you can search people by name, interest, or location.

Starting off with an essential step that anyone can access easily is the use of the Facebook directory. But, a lot of people would have a question sparking in their minds now – “What is a Facebook directory?” Just think Facebook directory as an online ‘yellow page’! But why compare it? Since it displays all current Facebook members, the Facebook Directory is quite comparable to the standard phone book. You may look for people by putting their Facebook account usernames into the search engine or browsing their names chronologically. The directory also shows which sites have the most followers and which locations have the most check-ins!

Facebook search by using the person’s actual name

Searching for someone on any of the available social media networks by the target’s name is something every typical Joe’s would do. Everyone would randomly type in the actual name of their friends or their loved ones on the basic search bar provided on the homepage. However, that can only result in confusion since the search engine provides thousands of search results, and skimming through them to find the correct person can be exhausting. This is where the “People search” page comes to the rescue! 

Facebook’s “People Search” tab is their official and well-known applications page. You may key in the identity of the person you are looking for, and a collection of accounts with the same names will appear in the search results. Find the person you’re searching for and have fun “reconnecting” with an old buddy! If you still can’t locate the individual, you’re searching for. You may refine your search even further. You might include extra information such as the location, workplace, or institution. If you do not find any valuable results, it is either because the individual has hidden all personal information. So, why don’t you make a Facebook profile and try searching again?

Search Facebook by the school they went to

This, too, is a very common kind of search that we all have experience doing it when we were new to the platform. And also a very effective search to narrow down your results and listings. Basically, using Facebook’s “People search” engine, anyone to use various filters such as location, tags, and possible check-in. Try searching for an old friend along with the school’s name that you guys went to. You will be surprised to find the target individual within the snap of a finger!

How to find someone on Facebook while logged in? 

In this article, we will be separating the ways you can efficiently search for someone on Facebook by either logging in or staying logged out. Now let us analyze some of the effective ways to search for someone on Facebook while you are logged in. 

Piggyback on your friends’ friends

Friends of Friends on Facebook are really useful. Helps locate friends of friends.

If you feel that the individual has something to do with one of your current friends on Facebook, one of the simplest methods to discover them is to use one of your online friends. If you and/or other buddies used to work together, or if you all went to the same university or lived in the neighboring area, a familiar acquaintance search is your best choice for discovering them.

Now, let us look at some of the efficient ways to achieve this. 

  • To see all of a friend’s pals, go to their account and choose the “Friends” option. You may browse and filter the whole list or learn about their newly added pals and buddies from specific categories like their occupations, birthplace, or high school.
  • Navigate the “People You May Know” tab, which is a database of individuals you may know depending on your Fb friends, to find a friend’s friend.

Search for People in Public Groups

Public groups on Facebook. Many of them are public. You can see who are members of them.

Facebook groups are also another method to locate people online. You may search for groups that the individual could be a member of if you know what they’re passionate about. To do so, use the search box at the homepage of Facebook to look for a community, then click the “Groups” option from the list. To utilize the search tool, go to the Users page of the group’s homepage.

Do a Facebook Search by Phone Number

Looking for the owner of a mobile number that contacted you? You can also do a reversed phone search on Facebook. But how? Simply put the information into the search field to check what comes up. You’re unlikely to locate public posts with the user’s contact number, but you’ll be able to uncover an earlier post by one of your friends on Facebook. This is a simple method for locating an old buddy’s contact details.

Another option is to utilize Facebook to search for someone’s existence on the web. You will do this if you previously know their Facebook details but would like to check whether they have any other social media profiles, such as Instagram, Twitter, or virtual dating sites. At the very bottom of every Facebook account’s URL is a distinct username. Look up that username on Google search engine or any other search tool to check if any additional profiles come up.

A reversed image check on a picture from the user’s profile is yet another option. It might be their profile photo or another picture on their profile. You could be able to find their other social profiles if they’ve shared the same identical image everywhere. TinEye and Google Images are excellent tools for this.

Search Facebook without an Account

Searching for someone on Facebook can also be achieved without officially having a Facebook account. Now, let us look at some ways to achieve this. 

Search Engines

Top Online Search engines. You’d be surprised how much information you can find just on a standard search engine.

Utilizing search engines like Bing, Google, and DuckDuckGo to find someone on Facebook without login is one of the more effective approaches. Do a typical online search but indicate that you want to only view responses from Facebook to discover someone’s Facebook account.

For instance, if you’re looking for Will Smith on Facebook, enter in ‘Will Smith site:’ to view all people similar to Will Smith’s profile. Because of the “site:” prefix at the later part, Google will only produce matches from Facebook. 

It’s worth noting that the search tool will only show profiles with such names if those individuals haven’t restricted accessibility in their own privacy settings. Every Facebook profile user has this choice. They have the option of making their account searchable or hiding it from search results. Furthermore, individuals can limit the display of their posts to others who aren’t friends with them on Facebook. Other than individual accounts, business accounts will often appear in global search engine results.

Reverse Search Engines

Reverse username and email lookups search hundreds of websites in seconds to find the account behind the person.

Some websites like UserSearch, use web crawlers that search thousands of websites in seconds to perform reverse searching against user accounts. They can determine within seconds, whether a live account exists under a username or email address.

Social Search Engines

Social Search Engines can search based on the content of what is posted on social media.

Algorithms are used by social search tools to filter through a large amount of data about people on social networks. and Social Searcher are two of the most famous free options, which together allow you to search Facebook without having an account. You may also enroll in Mentionytics and Social Mention if you are an entrepreneur who is concerned about completing in-depth analysis before employing. Many similar services are accessible online, but they only operate if the person you’re looking for has their privacy settings turned on.

Comparable to the vintage and traditional search tools, social search engines grant the freedom for you to limit the choices of your search using a variety of criteria, including region data. This simultaneously narrows your query to a particular selected area. As a result, if you’re looking for Drake in Brooklyn, you won’t be flooded with information on Drake in Europe, Melbourne, or California. Several social search engines additionally allow users to filter results depending on tags and themes.

People Search Engines

People’s search engines use huge databases created from voting information and purchased databases.

There are now thousands of ‘people search engines on the internet that may assist people in finding long-lost pals or someone they met at a bar or event. There are en-number of people-finder tools that enable you to discover individuals and understand more about them. Their lists are completely out of the Facebook-specific terms but rather an inclination of everything the search engine can figure out about an individual.

PeopleFinder and Pipl are two of the most popular applications in this category, both of which allow people to learn more about users on Facebook. Pipl is a paid application that requires a monthly membership. If you desire to receive some simple data without spending a penny, go to PeopleFinder! Although people search engines get additional data from all around the web databases, Facebook searches take significance over those from other websites. However, it is entirely on the shoulders of your user’s privacy controls as mentioned before.

Gathering an Helping hand of Your Real-life Friends With Facebook Accounts

Soliciting the aid of a Facebook profile holder is one of the most excellent methods to find someone on Facebook without the need for an account. You’ll probably receive the best findings with this strategy, especially if the individual assisting you are a friend on Facebook of your target.

Likewise, the privacy options will outlook on how much data you have accessibility to. However, almost always, you’ll see more than you would if you searched externally. This simple tactics, similar to the other options, isn’t without its downfalls. Nevertheless, if you’re not behaving in a creepy manner or stalking a target, discovering someone’s Facebook account without the need for login is your best alternative.

Facebook used to enable anybody to search for information on anyone else on the network, but those times are gone. For an added layer of security, individuals may now disable third-party application permission and erase Off-Facebook activities as a component of an increased drive for confidentiality in the face of rising criticism from legislators and regular users. Furthermore, users may lock their accounts to prevent anybody other than their Friends on social media from viewing their personal information, such as profile information, images, and so on.

All of this has had a significant impact on how you may get information on Facebook profiles, whether you have a login or not. Even web addons that used to enable you to browse for individuals on Facebook have been banned and no longer function properly. On the other hand, the Facebook Directory is more complicated and more challenging to navigate than ever before. It’ll only be a matter of time before looking for individuals on Facebook without the need for a Facebook profile becomes nearly impossible. However, meanwhile, try out the strategies outlined above. This could actually be an eye-opener for those who are struggling to locate their friends or families on Facebook. 


Facebook’s user base continues to expand. With Facebook now changing its brand name to Meta, it is estimated to bring in a lot of traffic to the website. So, make sure you use the above steps effectively and make use of the options that are currently available. You may need to search this pinnacle for information that you cannot discover elsewhere. For instance, you might be in the need of a social search engine to find your long-last loved ones. When exploring institutions, companies, and small enterprises, you can also use Facebook. In fact, several small businesses rely entirely on this website for their internet visibility!

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