How to Find Someone on POF?

Trying to find someone on plenty of fish? I’m sure that’s why you are here. You can do this in 5 steps. The key takeaway here is, to try to be patient, and first take note of all the information you know on whoever you’re trying to find…it helps.

You can find a user on plenty of fish with 5 clicks.
You can find a user on plenty of fish with 5 clicks.

Six Quick methods to find someone on Plenty Of Fish (POF):

  1. Use a reverse lookup service, like UserSearch.
  2. Sign up for POF and do a basic or advanced search.
  3. Reverse image search their profile picture.
  4. View the source code of the user profile and crack the hashmail.
  5. Gather information on the user and use POF to search by location & characteristics.
  6. Read the rest of this article and find more methods.

What is Plenty of Fish, aka POF?

Plenty of Fish app launched in 2003. Currently, Plenty of Fish has over 90 million users around the globe. These over 90 million users come from various parts of the world, such as North America, Europe, the UK, and Australia.

How Does the POF Works?

As we explained earlier, POF is a combination of all adult dating services. Therefore, as the name suggests there is plenty of fish on their platform. The sign-up process is free. After the sign-up process, you can get matches, send messages, and do many other tasks. The premium user can enjoy benefits like an ad-free experience, viewing extended user profiles, and a stand-out profile. When we consider all the features, we can say that Plenty of Fish is an excellent app for those who are looking for an advanced dating app.

Benefits of Premium Membership

Plenty of Fish Premium membership comes with many benefits, and it costs around $7.5 to $13 per month.

  • A Premium user can upload up to 16 images for their dating profile. On the other hand, a Basic user can upload up to 8 images.
  • Capability to unlock extended profiles of any POF member. This feature is highly beneficial for finding out more about your match.
  • You will be able to check whether the sent messages are read or deleted by the other receiving member.
  • When you upgrade to premium membership, your profile will be moved up from the rest of the profiles. Therefore, your profile will be viewed more often by other users.
  • No irritating ads
  • Shows the date and time that other POF members have viewed your profiles. Also, provide details about the viewing person too.
  • High chances of being found in most of the searches
  • More options for the Meet Me feature.
  • Capable of initiating Username Search

In the next section, we will talk about how to find POF. So, let’s get started.

Find on POF in 5 Steps

There are multiple ways to initiate a search on Plenty of Fish. Here, we will talk about five ways that can help you find your desired dating partner on POF. You will be able to find someone according to your age, personality, location, and details. There are multiple options available if you initiate the search correctly. So, we will introduce the proper steps to you.

For starters, after you create an account, you need to decide what kind of personal detail you want to share. For instance, you might be creating a profile to you spy on your partner. If that is the situation, don’t share any personal photographs. Also, don’t provide a familiar name or personal details too. The idea is not to let that person find you on Plenty of Fish. Then you can check their activities.

There are two types of searches that you can Initiate on Plenty of Fish. Depending on the requirement and the membership type, you can choose any one of them. And remember, both of these search types are very valuable for finding POF.

POF lets you search for users on their own website as a basic and advanced search options window. You can filter the search based on the characteristics of the person or the geolocation of the person.

First, log in to your Plenty of Fish account. Locate the Search icon located on the top-right corner of your screen. Then click it. After that, a screen will come up with plenty of options for picking the right person. So, you can find your match accordingly.

Gender, Location, and Age

After creating a profile in POF, submit all the relevant details to your profile. Also, don’t forget to sync the necessary detail such as age, fender, and location. Therefore, you will find a partner of your liking much more easily. But, always remember most people provide fake information when it comes to age and location. Most people do this to hide their true identity while cheating. So, it would be best if you were careful. To avoid this, try a limited search. If it does not give you good results, insert your age or location. It might help immensely.

More Details

Apart from the age, gender and location, you can select more options. For instance, you can select education, dating intent, last visit, distance from your zip code, city, body type, ethnicity, and many more specific options. If you are not ready to provide such information, you can select any of these options.

Also, remember, if someone needs a causal relationship, they won’t tell you that in your inbox. But, their profile might say wanting a relationship or are dating. So, you should be caused by such users.

We believe that now you got an excellent idea about the basic search option. You can do lots of things with a basic search. But, what about the advanced search?

Close to the basic search tab, you can locate the advanced search option. If you are seriously looking for an ideal match, you should definitely search via the advanced search. With the help of an advanced search, you can select a profession, pets, income, eye color, and many more features. This advanced search option can do wonders for you. Use of this advanced option might decide the success or failure of what you are finding. So, we highly recommend using the advanced search to find POF.

Step 3: Using My Matches Option

On the top left corner of the Plenty of Fish app, there should be a light blue button. Click on that button. Then select the My Matches option from the next screen. Now select the age range and distance. By giving a specific age range, you can filter out age groups that you do not want to view or date. Also, when you are providing the distance the same thing is applied. For instance, it allows you to give the desired distance according to your current location.

Also, another thing you could do is you can select users that you have not connected to until now. This is an excellent way to filter out users that you have ruled out up until now.

Step 4: Using My City Option

If you are looking for people that are living in the same city as you, this My City option is the best for you. When it comes to searches, most of the time, using the above search method won’t give the desired results for you. So, using the My City option will help you with that. To access the My City option, click on the light blue button on the POF screen. Enter the location and distance information to the My City option. It will filter out people that are living near you.

Another advantage is, that sometimes, all the above-explained search terms might have overwhelmed you. Therefore, if you are just starting on POF, it would be easy to choose people from the My City selection.

Step 5: Searching for Someone Using Their User Name

Username search tab. Just enter the user name and click Find user. Simple! the downside is you’ll only get a hit if the user is on POF. Whereas, using a username lookup tool can scan many dating sites in one go. You also need to be a registered user.

POF has an advanced username search function. But, this option is only available for members that have Premium membership. earlier in the article, we discussed Premium membership and its advantages. So, if you are really serious about online dating, go for a premium membership.

Can I Find it on POF Without Registration?

All the above talked about methods of searching require a POF account registration. However, there are several methods that can find on POF without registration. So in this section, we will look at those methods.

Method 1: Using Google Images

As mentioned in the previous section, the POF username search feature is only available for Premium members. But, there is a method that you can find users without upgrading your POF account or registering at POF. Open the Google images. Then type the name of the user that you need to discover. Then type and click on the Search button. Now Google will display all the images that are related to the Plenty of Fish username. You might not get all the results. But, it is a convenient way to find useful information without registering on Plenty of Fish.

Method 2: Use People Searching Tools

You can find any information about a particular person using online investigating tools. Some of these tools can load results from different types of dating sites. So, here are the two best tools to complete such an operation.

Method 3: Using UserSearch to find someone on POF

This is one of the best people searching tools on the internet. It has the most prominent social media and dating site profile collections. So any user can use this tool to search for people and their information on the internet.

First, visit the official Social Catfish site. Choose the type of search that you want to execute. Enter the available information and hit Search. After that, you will get a detailed report about your search. Then you check the listed information of that person to find out about POF profiles.

Sometimes, you won’t get any positive results. But that does not mean that person does not have a POF profile. You might have to try other people’s search tools. So, try the next one. You will definitely have some success.

It’s a simple yet effective OSINT tool that can help you with a lot of searches. For instance, they have three different types of search options on their home page.

  • Social networks sites
  • Dating Sites, Chat websites, and Forums
  • Email Searching

Then you will receive the necessary information about that person within 15 seconds.

Can I Find Email Addresses On Plenty of Fish?

Finding email information on dating profiles is a nearly impossible task. Most people won’t put their email addresses directly on their POF profile. So, is there a way to get this email address?

Yes. In this section, we will teach you a simple trick to find someone’s email address on POF. So, follow the below steps.

First, visit the official Plenty of Fish homepage. Then sign in to your account. Afterward, navigate to the profile where you want to find the email address. Then right-click on the webpage that contains that profile. Select the View Source option. After clicking the View Source button, it will open up a notepad that contains web page information in a coded manner.

Here you can see the hashemail. highlighted in orange color.

Find the hashemail line. Then copy the hashemail to a new notepad. This hashmail is the actual email address of that user. But, it comes in coded form. So you need to decrypt hashemail. If you are able to decrypt the hash email successfully, you will get the actual email address of that person. This is a simple yet effective method to extract an unknown person’s email address on Plenty of Fish

Final thoughts on How to Find On POF

We hope that today from this article, you got a good idea about how to find POF. We talk about five different steps that you should always follow to get the maximum result from your search. Using options like My City can greatly benefit you, especially if you are new to Plenty of Fish. On the other hand, you can buy a premium membership if you need good search results.

If you need to find some detail anonymously, use the methods we discussed in the Can I search Someone On Plenty of Fish Without Registration section? Either way, you can get the best dating experience from POF, that if you use it correctly.

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