Top Reverse Search Engines For 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn What a Reverse Search Tool can do for you.
  • Find out what the best Tools are for 2022.
  • Checkout which tools are best for different types of Reverse Searching, such as:
    • Usernames.
    • Emails.
    • Car Licence Plates.
    • Car VINs.
    • Physical Addresses.
    • Phone Numbers.
  • Hints and Tips to get the most accurate information for free.

A reverse lookup is a lesser-known way to find someone in the ocean of search results

So, do you have a name and want to know the contact number? Reverse lookups are the answer.

Reverse Search: Types

The reverse lookup is not constrained to be a single-way method. Therefore, this means several ways to use the reverse lookup process effectively. So, here are some of the main types of reverse lookups.

  1. Username and e-mail
  2. Phone number
  3. IP and DNS search
  4. VIN Car Searching
  5. License plate
  6. Reverse Image Lookup
  7. Inmate Searching

Moreover, to provide you with the best choices and alternatives, we have researched some of the tools experts use to find information in the web’s ‘hidden/dark’ parts. Besides, we are not promoting Dark web usage or anything regarding the sort. But in this guide, we will shortly discuss all these different reverse lookups. And the practical tools for each of the types mentioned above. 

Top 6 Reverse Username Tools: 

A Reverse Username Search is a lookup field that allows you to discover individuals. It uses a specified username from any social media network or perhaps an email address. Additionally, most individuals have the same username to register many social media accounts. In this case, a reverse username search can help you find all accounts on various social networking websites. Here are some of the most effective tools to get a successful username reverse lookup:

1) UserSearch – The King Of Reverse Username Searching is an advanced reverse username tool that searches for user accounts across hundreds of social media platforms and dating sites. is an advanced reverse username tool that searches for user accounts across hundreds of social media platforms and dating sites.

To date, UserSearch is one of the oldest, most used reverse lookup tools online. Moreover, it’s also one of the most expansive, offering free reverse lookups on usernames, emails, crypto addresses, and searching dating sites. It’s free for the public to use. And they are adding more websites every day. Given its age of almost 15 years, it’s still properly maintained. Besides, the developers are active within the OSINT (open-source research) community.

2) Social Catfish Reverse Search

Social catfish – username lookup

Very much an internet spy tool, it validates the information. Then, it determines whether or not the individual from whom you got an email is who they claim to be. You may do the following using this service.

  1. Check to see whether a scammer is communicating with you.
  2. You can get accurate information on your business associates and customers.
  3. You can also find the photo of the person trying to contact you. Not just their phone numbers 

3) CocoFinder Reverse Search

Cocofinder – Username lookup

This is a public information lookup service provider with a user-friendly design. Besides, it offers a variety of services. You may get the following information.

  1. Sender’s first and last name
  2. Alias
  3. Social network accounts (Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram)

Also, it has features such as a complete place of living, contact information, photographs, and more by using its Email Lookup. Also, CocoFinder is now one of the best reverse email lookup services. A large amount of feedback we got suggested using it as a main reverse email lookup option.

4) Email Sherlock Reverse Search

Email Sherlock – reverse email lookup

Like all the other services on the list, that helps determine the validity of the user of an unknown email account displayed in your mailbox. A reverse email search will provide the following results.

  1. The user’s identity
  2. Phone number
  3. Address
  4. Public documents,
  5. Images and videos
  6. Online entries (web archive results, Yahoo, Google, Bing, publications, news)

5) Instant Checkmate Reverse Search

Instant checkmate – Username lookup

This open records lookup tool allows you to look up various data. It could be about individuals you’re interested in, possible clients, business associates or potential employees instantly. Here are some of the information may an email search give.

  1. Identity, photographs
  2. Previous Employment
  3. Probable addresses
  4. Additional known email accounts
  5. Potential website nicknames
  6. Gravatar accounts, social network accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin)

6) BeenVerified Reverse Search

BeenVerified – Email lookup

Individuals are regularly routed to it via the biggest and most well-known reverse search websites. Such as CocoFinder and EmailSherlock. Its reverse email lookup tool goes above and beyond search engines, scanning through millions of public documents to discover the data customers need. Here are some examples.

  1. Nicknames
  2. Contact information
  3. Various email accounts
  4. Social media accounts
  5. Schooling
  6. Job experience records

This tool’s findings may include court documents from possible civil and criminal lawsuits.

Top 5 Reverse Phone Tools:

Many individuals all around the globe receive phone calls from unknown individuals. Such calls can cause trouble, and many want to find out who contacted them. However, earlier, if someone needed to trace down an unknown number, they must go to the local officials. And then, they have to go through a lengthy and time-wasting process. However, nowadays, there are currently various free phone number lookup tools. These tools will help track down and discover these unknown numbers of complaints. Eventually, bringing an end to this mess. Moreover, here are some of the best phone reverse lookup tools.

1) Truthfinder Reverse Search

TruthFinder – Reverse phone lookup

TruthFinder’s name always comes up whenever anyone searches for a simple reverse phone number tool. As noted in the TruthFinder report, its collection is huge; usually, it comes from public information and documents. It is true that because the data is freely available. And you can find them on other channels. However, the information is not in the correct order or a single location.

Additionally, Simply entering a number into TruthFinder’s user-friendly interface would provide whatever information accessible to the specific user.

  1. Place of living
  2. Email accounts
  3. Criminal background data
  4. Other related contact information

2) Anywho Reverse Search

Anywho – Reverse phone lookup

This site is a well-known service that provides users with an extensive search directory. It allows its customers to look for nearly anything about everyone. This is ideal for companies employing new personnel or landlords measuring renters. AnyWho is a free site compatible with any operating system or gadget.

3) Spytox Reverse Search

Among one of the most valuable search engines available. It offers an excellent reverse lookup directory. This directory allows users to check up not just persons but also contact information. Also, its extensive database gathers data from public and personal information. During this process, there won’t be any trouble with the correctness of the results. Furthermore, it is free and delivers a thorough background check without leaving any marks. The results here are clear and entirely valid, as nothing was collected illegally.

Spytox – reverse phone lookup

4) Zaba Search Reverse Search

Zebasearch-reverse phone lookup

ZabaSearch has become one of the few trusted organizations that promise to offer quality search skills. A useful feature is the reverse phone lookup. This feature reveals valid information after inserting only the requested contact information. Besides, this program allows the user to search for nearly anything, for instance, from a location to a criminal history and even personal information.

5) Search Quarry Reverse Search

SearchQuarry – reverse phone lookup

Search Quarry is among the sector’s earliest background investigation services operating at full force. The user must enter the person’s contact information to activate the reverse phone lookup tool. The company’s primary goal is to gather and organize large amounts of information from various public and private sources. Furthermore, their information includes an extensive collection of the following data.

  1. Legal
  2. Commercial
  3. Medical
  4. Traffic data

These data also provide their users with exact and reliable findings.

Top 5 Reverse IP Tools:

A reverse DNS and IP lookup searches for the web domain and Source IP and returns a list of all sites on the same system. It locates all DNS records linked with a particular Ip address. It produces a list of all web addresses that share the same IP address.

Some of the practical reverse IP lookup tools include:

1) View DNS Reverse Search

To begin, enter the desired site hostname address and press on the ‘GO’ option. Other tools available on this website include

  1. Reverse whois search
  2. Spammer list lookup
  3. MAC address locator
  4. Firewall check

2) HackerTarget Reverse Search

HackerTarget is also another amazing tool for verifying any site’s reverse DNS information and reversing IP searches. Input the domain’s hostname address and press “Submit” to locate the desired website’s details.

3) Spyse Reverse Search

Spyse is a web-based application that lets you instantly view any site’s DNS information for data collection purposes. Just choose the options you want from the selection, enter the website name or IP address, and press the “search” button.

4) MXToolBox Reverse Search

The MXtoolbox application is straightforward to use. Type an IP address inside the input field to run a reverse IP lookup. This program also has the following features.

  1. Blacklisted verification
  2. DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication
  3. Authentication and Uniformity)
  4. LOC search capabilities

5) Domain Tools Reverse Search

The Domaintools portal is helpful for performing reverse IP lookups on any domain. Enter the entry field’s website name or IP address and press the ‘Lookup’ button. It quickly produces the desired outcomes. You may also use this web application to verify the host record. Or use it to run mass parsed whois lookups and even track IP addresses.

Top 5 Reverse VIN Tools:

The Worldwide Organization for Standardization (ISO) authorized the new global standard of 17-digit Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) in 1980. The VIN code was composed of digits and letters representing the car’s identification through the following.

  1. Name
  2. Registration number
  3. Model details
  4. Engine
  5. Manufacturer

Here are some of the best VIN lookup tools.

1) VinPit Reverse Search

VinPit is a leading web-based service that provides data for vehicle identification number checks, VIN deciphering, license plate search, and car history records. They contain information related to the following.

  1. Ownership
  2. Manufacturing Facility
  3. VIN validity
  4. Security recalls
  5. Past licenses
  6. Data on crashes
  7. Maintenance
  8. Undocumented damage
  9. Criminal histories

2) Carfax Reverse Search

CARFAX promises to be one of the globe’s greatest cross-border libraries, including over twenty-two billion recordings. It provides a lot of information. However, it is limited to secondhand automobiles purchased after 1981 in the United States and Canada. It claims that the data was gathered from over 1 million distinct sources, including US and Canadian automobile agencies.

3) Autocheck Reverse Search

AutoCheck is a VIN search tool that provides automated vehicle records and information. Experian powers it with information from a National Vehicle Registry. This includes over five hundred million automobiles. It helps choose two possible cars by ranking them on a 1-100 scale based on a side-by-side comparison of their qualities. The rankings are effectively inspected by the following.

  1. Period of production
  2. Fuel economy
  3. Lease
  4. Accident background
  5. Vehicle type

4) Car Vertical Reverse Search

CarVertical is yet another company to provide a VIN search system based on blockchain technology for automotive reports. In contrast to the NMVTIS and the facts from the automobile market, this VIN lookup pulls data from various global networks. And the other databases are as follows.

  1. National and private registers
  2. Fire department databases
  3. Insurance & resources
  4. Vehicle sales

5) EpicVIN Reverse Search

EpicVin is a trusty system that provides real-time VIN decoding data. The archive covers Forty million car data. This database includes the location of the accident, registration details, manufacturer, class, and other details. Its service uses data from the National Motor Vehicle Traffic Information System (NMVTIS), the greatest vault in the United States.

Top 5 Reverse License Plate Tools:

A reverse license plate number lookup uses the whole number plate and the location or documentation to discover details about the automobile linked with the license plate. This data is usually sent into a vehicle record system, which can provide essential facts about the car, the ownership, and the vehicle identification number. So, here are the best reverse license plate lookup tools.

1) InfoTracer Reverse Search

This excellent search engine has a good track record of providing quick results, containing license plate records, ownership data, traffic court documents, and felony driving offenses. A reverse license plate inquiry can also give valuable information such as criminal histories, car history records, and basic vehicle data.

2) SearchQuarry Reverse Search

When you enter their license plate search service, you might often have to pick your desired U.S. region before proceeding. To start, enter the number plate. Besides, SearchQuarry provides a large amount of information. Here are some of that information.

  1. License plate records,
  2. VIN information,
  3. Criminal background,
  4. Contact information
  5. Residences

3) FaxVin Reverse Search

FAXVIN seems to be on the top license plate search engines list for 2022. And this is because of its more advanced service. Besides, it scans license plates and vehicle identification numbers. Not to take anything away from them, FAXVIN collects data from a variety of sources. These sources include the following.

  1. United States Motor Vehicle Title Registry,
  2. Canadian motor vehicle organizations,
  3. Automobile auctions,
  4. Insurance firms

4) AutoDNA Reverse Search

AutoDNA, in cooperation with AutoCheck, offers an automobile license plate check service powered by Experian. The service scans thousands of sources. And gives license check data from the world’s top automotive information sources. Moreover, here is one of the primary benefits of using autoDNA. It gives information on previously owned automobiles from both the Americas and Europe. As a result, the website can measure the value of automobiles from different types of markets.

5) FindByPlate Reverse Search is a free website where you can check up on license plates and report bad drivers. Hence, the website will recognize the vehicle and provide basic information about it. You’ll be able to examine any reports regarding the license plate number, photographs, recordings, and remarks. Or even online sources that other people have posted.


If you’d like to know more about how to reverse searching can help you find someone online, you’ll want to try out these articles.

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