Dating Profile Lookup: Can you find my hidden email address?

Want to find any email address on any website? We’ve cracked it.

Finding hidden emails is easy. All you need is a good reverse username or reverse email search engine.
Finding hidden emails is easy. All you need is a good reverse username or reverse email search engine.

We’ll show you how one of our most sophisticated techniques works on finding email addresses, which can then help you find user profiles on dating sites. Technically, we should call this a ‘dating profile lookup’ tool, but we don’t.

A little bit about us.  We are a team of web-crawler experts who specialise in data mining.  This article focuses on how data mining skills can turn simple manual methods into hugely useful email crawling services (in basic how to find hidden email addresses)

Do you need to know the username before finding the email? Ideally, yes, but it’s not essential.

How public is your dating profile?

Many websites these days do not publicize what email addresses are registered on their site.  Why would they? (ahem Ashley Madison list).  But, we know how to determine if you / your spouse / you’re a friend or even a random email address is registered on any website online, within 60 seconds.  By any, we mean any.  You can use a tool to perform a lookup on a dating site.

Dating websites, social media, job hunting websites, forums, even money-saving websites – the lot.  Keep reading and we’ll show you how.  The great thing about our little trick is all these websites are designed to tell you this.  And even more, if you have the mental capacity of a boiled egg, then you can do this too.

Websites such as social networks, dating sites, movie clip websites, all have vast quantities of information on you. In order to link this information to you, they need a unique email address. So, it’s important they know it. Ever unregistered an account with a service? we’ll bet you $10, you’re still in their database.

You need to look after your online profiles if you don’t want to be found by a reverse email lookup

Social Media, Dating Sites & Privacy do not coexist!

Social media accounts for 80% of all online interactions.  Disagree? have you this week made a comment on a forum, asked a question on a community, or even registered to receive a weekly update on technology? If yes, you are susceptible to our technique.  Have you merely registered your email address on a website to just read the content? We’ve still found you then.

Using a Reverse user lookup on social media is the first step to finding someone on a dating website.

The bottom line, once online, always online.

Shall I give you a small list of the websites this works on? Sure.

  • 4shred
  • tagged
  • Cupid
  • Aboume
  • friendfeed
  • wordpress
  • facebook
  • gumtree

We’d estimate there are a few people using those websites.  Just a few.

Dating Profile Reverse Lookup

Now for the technical part (the only bit we promise). The technique itself is a method that all major websites are designed upon.  In order for any website to have any form of interaction with a person, a standard method of communication must occur between the visitor and the website.  The major element of this is being able to identify each unique visitor so they can ‘spam’ your directed advertising.   Until every website in the world can move away from this, these websites need to use email addresses and usernames to identify who is using their website.  One day perhaps they may see the light and move towards randomly generated Ids or biometrics.  For the moment at least, there is no way a website can genuinely avoid our trick.

Great eh?

You can find users on hundreds of social media sites by using a reverse username search. It searches hundreds of social media sites in seconds.

This technique will be a little bit like a magic trick.  You will be baffled until you see it unfold, then you’ll slap yourself and think ‘of course, so obvious !’.

An Email lookup Trick …

Here it is.  Are you ready for it? Two words.  Registration process.  Has the penny dropped yet?

Well done on performing an email lookup. Now, try finding your own profiles online.

Good.  In a nutshell, how can person A register using an email address if person B has already registered that same email address! And there you have it.  The basic logic of working out is if any single email address on any website online already has a person registered using that email address.

What you’re looking to do is create the below result:

An email lookup to find a dating user profile

If this happens you know that email, for whatever reason, is indeed registered and known to that particular website.  I did say you’ll be baffled with the simplicity! But it’s effective and works on EVERY website.

Ashley madison email lookup & dating profile lookups

Plausible deniability? I don’t think so.  We’ve all had the ‘We have sent you an email.  Please verify you’re email address before using our site’s message.  The website needs to be sure it’s you, so we can be sure they’re them.  I’d say it works the other way around too?

So, did you find your dating profile?

In conclusion, we’ve just shown you how to work out if any email address is already known or registered on any single website online, within 60 seconds.  If you do manage to find a ‘new age’ website that requires fingerprints, let us know at! We may do some more detailed ‘how too’ guides in the future if it would be of any use?

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