HACKED : Ashley Madison, Adult Friend Finder, yahoo…

Thanks to the services offered by HaveIbeenpwned, we have now integrated our searching systems to allow you to quickly check if your email has ever been included in a large data breach. We pay for the service of accessing their API but we’re giving it to our users for free. You can go check it out now and see if your email has been exposed.

Why did we do this? why not just visit haveibeenpwned? Simply for convenience. Many of our users are very security conscious. They also spend a long time using our services during their working day. We thought it would be kinda helpful to just have that search within our own webpage, to make your life a little easier, that’s all!

  • 400 Million Ashley Madison users hacked in a single breach, 2015
  • 500 Million Yahoo accounts hacked in a single breach, 2014
  • 150,000 Muslim Match accounts hacked in a single breach, 2014

What is this new service exactly?

What if you are one of these hacked users? Not handy if you prefer to keep a low profile. By the time these hacks hit the news, every man and his dog was looking for the data.

Next time a major worldwide hack occurs, be prepared. Sign up to our E-mail Security Alert system and be notified within 15 seconds of IF your email has been found in the data breach list of accounts that get released to the public. Give yourself some breathing space to change passwords…and in the case of Ashley Madison…prepare your excuses…

First, of a kind – try googling another system like ours..you won’t find it.

What are we doing with the data?

Our specialist crawlers detect instantly when a new data breach for a company gets released in the open web or hidden hacker areas of the web. If you register for free, we can check automatically if your email is in this list and let you know within 15 seconds if you need to change your passwords.

We’ve set our system up so that one person can ask is to monitor any number of email addresses. Pretty handy if you are the network admin of a company and want all security breaches to be emailed directly to you. Also pretty handy if you want to keep your family’s email accounts safe.

Keep Safe.