People Search Engine: Email & Username Lookup Service

Finding someone online with a username or email address may initially seem quick and simple. A quick ‘Google it’ with a cup and tea, and bobs your uncle. Oh no, the email address hasn’t come up in google. Now the slow route…

So, what websites have my target been on? do they have a search feature? Will I need to create an account on each of these sites? aragh, all time-consuming questions. I just want a quick answer, I hear you saying.

How to find someone online quickly? Simple, use a reverse search engine.

What is a Reverse Search Engine?

We don’t want to get too technical here. We know you’re only here to quickly find your target. A Reverse Search Engine does the opposite of a search engine (duh). A Search Engine uses their own database and runs a search against their own data to then provide you a result. It normally requires pre-gathering of masses of data, in the hope some of their users would like to search it. However, a reverse search, typically performs a live search across the web, without any internal database. They are typically a little slower than traditional search engines, but far more accurate, and totally live. No ‘this is where your person was last month’ kind of result. Its data represents the here and now.

How To Lookup User by Username?

Were not going to beat about the bush. We have a very good, and very popular reverse search engine for you to use. It’s free, fast, accurate and it’s been one of the largest in over a decade. Yes, it’s over a decade old (you could probably tell by the rather dated style). But, don’t judge a book by its cover. UserSearch is used by over 500,000 users every month and has grown year on year, without stopping. Police, Judges, criminal investigators, private Investigators, the list goes on with the number of organisations who use it. Why? as I said, we don’t beat about bush, we don’t mess about with shining our shoes and brushing our hair, we just get the job done.

Using the Site to look someone up

Unfortunately, the site is rather difficult to use. You will need to follow these steps in order to use if you want some useful results:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter a Username.
  3. Click ‘Search’.
  4. Look at the results.

The difficulty to use the site is one of our weak points, but this is something we are working on.

Demonstration : Lookup by Username and Email

Due to the difficulty of using the site, we have kindly provided pictures with pointed steps to help.

Reverse username lookup with
User Lookup with Username
Find Someone with Username

That’s it! holding of the sarcasm for a moment, the site really does only require 4 steps in order to search over 600 social networks, dating sites, forums, and various other websites. What the site is doing once you click ‘search’? it is running hundreds of different algorithms on the server, live. They understand the structure of how these 600+ websites work, how they interact with users, how they manage their online accounts. The algorithms are looking for these differences and detecting the ‘correct’ response, in order to determine if a username is in fact registered on that website. If they are, it will feed the actual user profile URL to us, to view.

As mentioned, this service has been running for over 10 years. There is a reason online investigators keep using our service (not just because it’s free!). So, the next time you’re trying to find someone online, by either username or email, give a try.

The rest of this article is going to talk in a little more detail on how to better use the site and improve the quality of your results. We’ll also cover each individual option and when best to use it for your case.

How To Lookup User by Email?

Almost 80% of internet users are victims of email phishing and scam emails. It’s is high time we become vigilant and check who is actually emailing us. We hate spammers, and the internet is full of them. So, you can use a reverse email lookup to help track them down and spam them back.

Our user search platform provides optimal lookup services with in-depth information. The tool will “lookup” an email address and give details of where online that email can be seen publically.

We will illustrate the process of searching for an email address using this people search tool. Let us the email address of good old [email protected], and we will show you the lookup process for an email address:

Find someone online with a email address
Find someone online with a email address
View results from a reverse email lookup
View results from a reverse email lookup
  1. Open the webpage of usersearch.
  2. Select the option of “Email Search” and enter the email address in the search bar.
  3. Hit the search button.
  4. The tool will give results with the entered email address. You can click the “View Profile” button to view the complete details.

By following these easy steps, you can “lookup” any email address and enjoy the authenticity of this search tool.

How To Lookup User On A General Forum?

General forums are a great place to insult random strangers and show them how intelligent you are compared to the masses. They are also pretty handy at making friends and sharing knowledge. Moreover, I’m sure some forums serve as vital tools for healthy public discussions regarding important topics. For us, as a reverse search engine, the great fact about most forums is they are, generally, public, and so are the user profiles. This makes the use of a reverse forum lookup, totally possible.

The slight challenge in trying to find someone who may frequent discussion forums is how many there are. The web is a deep ocean of general forums, in so much as the ocean is full of fish. Without an intelligent strategy, combined with using a reverse lookup tool, you may hit retirement, before you find the target.

Luckily, our tool is unique in its way of searching forums. It reverse lookups more general forums than any other reverse lookup online. It has a wide network to crawl through the millions of forum user profiles, and returns the expected results with an accurate string of information.

Let us a user profile called “Rachael” as an example to search on a general forum:

find a usenrame on a forum
User Lookup on A Forum
Find Someone on A Forum
find a usenrame on a forum
  1. Click the option of “General Forums” on the usersearch website.
  2. Enter the first, last, or middle name of the person you want to search.
  3. Strike the search icon next to the search box.
  4. Scroll through the results and click on the relevant profile to view the detailed information.

The forum search is possible with four simple steps, and it takes fifteen seconds to give the results. Therefore, it is your go-to tool next time if you are looking for someone on generic forums.

How To Lookup User On An Online Dating Site?

Dating has gone digital, with hundreds of dating sites making their mark over the internet. The vast majority of couples below the age of 30, one way or another, met first via a dating website or online. However, the twist is that not everyone on these platforms comes to find a partner, and they might have ulterior motives.

Hence, you should verify the other person’s information before engaging in too much. You may think you’re talking to a hunky general in Iraq named todd, or a blond beach babe called the facility, however in reality they are both the same guy, who in reality lives in his mum’s basement, lives of beer and nuts, and goes by the name ‘Fred’. Our people search for dating sites will provide robust information regarding dating site searches to help with this problem. You can check if the same username is being used on a dating site, or perhaps elsewhere on the web. You may find the real identity of the facility or todd, and send them a little message!

The information you should know is the first or last name of the person you want to look at on the dating sites. Enter the name in the box, and you will find multiple results. You will be able to route through the complete information once you click the individual profile.

How To Lookup User on An Adult Website?

Adult websites are among the most searched websites. Some say the internet wouldn’t exist today if it wasn’t for adult websites encouraging growth in use. If you’re trying to find someone who uses adult websites, you don’t really want to be scrolling through all that adult material. Our site does all that for you, and will just pinpoint the user profile.

Again we cover one of the largest collections of adult sites online. Our search results are reliable, and they extract every chunk of information from the millions of databases on these adult sites. You will need to use our premium version to use this service though. Not because we want to really make some cash, but more because the link we provide you will point to an adult website. We don’t want to encourage under 18’s to visit these sites.

How To Find Someone on A Crypto Forum?

The Crypto world is the latest addition to the digital currency and trading forums. The world is transitioning towards cryptocurrency, and there are millions of users adding up daily. It is difficult to find someone on the crypto forum with such an enormous number of active users.

However, we have simplified finding someone on the crypto forum with our UserSearch services. Our tool has access to users’ information across a million sites, and therefore, it can find anyone from the crypto platform in a blink of an eye.

You will need to select the option of “crypto forums” from our people search tool. After that, enter the name of the person you are looking for in the search bar and hit the search button. Within 15 seconds, you will get multiple results attached with a source of information. Hence, you can view the complete information using reverse lookup on crypto forums.

How To Get Premium Access for People Search Engine Tool?

The premium version comes with a more in-depth search of people. It has either a monthly or yearly payment plan subscription, or a one-off payment where you get a month free. You can choose any one depending on your requirements. The Premium version also covers even more sites than the free version. Moreover, you will have the facility of 24/7 live support from the technical representatives.

What Is the Pricing of Premium Membership?

Premium membership offers special features of search with a meager fee. The following illustrates the pricing plans to avail premium membership:

Plan TypePricing
Monthly Plan$ 7.99
Yearly Plan (works out as $4.99 per month)$59.99
4-Month Plan (one month free)$19.99

The membership is refundable depending upon terms and conditions. Furthermore, you can cancel the membership anytime if you feel dissatisfied with the search results.

What Are the Benefits of Premium Membership of Usersearch?

The premium membership benefits are far more than the free version of the people search tool. Following are the tools of premium membership:

  • Customer support is 24/7 for premium members.
  • Search results will cover more websites and give a downloadbale report.
  • You can download the search results to a spreadsheet.
  • The tool will also let you know if your email has been hacked.
  • You may cancel your premium membership whenever you want and request a refund.
  • 0.5% of the membership fee goes to the fund of making the world carbon-free.


Reverse Searching is nothing new for online investigators, but it may still be for the general public. What does remain new and useful is our continued updates to add more sites to UserSearch, and remain the leader in covering the largest collection of sites online, and have done for over a decade. We are the most reliable platform for reverse search purposes.

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