How to do a Reverse Email Search?

Are you trying to do a reverse lookup on an email address?

Whether you want to find someone by username, find usernames, perform a username lookup, or carry out a social media search, to locate that old friend or colleague you may have been searching for a very long time, a reverse search can be highly helpful. You can perform a reverse lookup on emails, usernames, phone numbers, and even an address.

If you’re searching for someone online and only have their email address, you’re on the right track by looking up types of reverse searching. Also, if you’re trying to look up someone on a dating site, reverse searching by username and email is the solution you need.

The internet avails users from the stress of going household to household, community to community, or one location to another in search of a person. From different platforms to varieties of search tools online people are now comfortable easily locating their loved ones using just a smartphone.

With a reverse search tool, you can easily locate people online. A reverse search could be in form of physical address, cellphone number, email address, and so on. Regardless of which search method you choose, a reverse search could be your best bet in connecting back with your loved ones.

If you’re an internet user, there are chances you’ve come across a reverse search tool while trying to look someone online through a search engine. Maybe you’re wondering what it’s used for or why do you even need it. Then this guide is for you.

Worry less, in this article; you will learn more about reverse search, types of reverse search, what you use it for, and why you need them.

As the name suggests, reverse search simply means to find something based on certain information at hand at the moment. A reverse search aims to use the piece of information with you to find more information about a specific person, business, place, or whatever it is you’re seeking.

A reverse search can be helpful when all you have is just a piece of information about what you’re looking for. For instance, you can perform a reverse email search using someone’s email address or a reverse Image search by uploading the person’s picture in the reverse search tool online.

A reverse phone number search is when you’re trying to look up someone using their phone number. Maybe a phone number you’re not sure of whom it belongs to, a reverse phone number search can locate information about the owner.

What types of search you can do?

Technology has made everyone comfortable with the use of different tools online to locate people easily. There are more reasons for performing a search online, whether to verify known details, find out about unknown details, or connect back with missing loved ones.

While there are many benefits related to looking up someone online with a reverse search tool, the method of searching may differ from person to person. Below are six incredible types of reverse searches that would amaze you based on the information you discover.

1. Reverse phone number search

While there are many reasons for performing a reverse phone number search, one of the most popular reasons is discovering the identity behind a phone number.

For instance, you got a call from an unknown number or a person forming anonymous. To make sure you’re on the safe side and avoid being a victim of a scam, a reverse number search could be your best bet in finding the identity of the number.

You can perform a reverse phone number search using the Google search engine. Most people prefer this method because the results are usually easy to understand. While using a web search engine to look up a number might bring millions of web pages, reducing your chances of locating who you’re looking for.

2. Reverse Username Search

Another amazing type of reverse search is the reverse username search.  This method of search allows you to find someone by username.  Many people often use similar names on different social media sites, making your reverse search approach extremely fast in finding someone online.

PeekYou is an example of a reverse username search tool. This site uses the username provided by you to locate sites where the username is being used, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram, and so on.

3. Reverse Image Search

Are you trying to find someone online, but you only have an image of the person? A reverse image search enables you to upload a picture on the search box and perform a search for similar results available online.

Reverse Image Searching lets you find similar pictures across the web. Tineye and Google are the leaders in this field, but there are other smaller, niche reverse image searching tools.

Based on the image you uploaded, a reverse image search tool will result in different websites the image was uploaded in, related images, and various image sizes.

This search method could be useful if you’re trying to find more information about a person you met on a dating site.

When it comes to reverse image search, a search engine like Google usually comes to people’s minds.

Below is a quick guide on how to perform your search on Google:

  • Go to Google on your phone
  • Open the browser and press the image at the top right corner to lunch the image search window
  • It will show you many options, whether to paste a picture URL or upload a picture to search.
  • Next, Google will provide you with relevant results of images

Another way to carry out a reverse image lookup is by using other apps on your mobile phone. There are many other apps on the play store you can download to perform a reverse image search.

4. Reverse Email Search

When all you have about the person is an email address, you want to find out more information about him. Why not try reverse email search. Reverse email search allows you to look up someone online using their email address.

This method of finding someone is beneficial, especially when you receive a message in your inbox from an unknown address.

Running a reverse email search on that email will give you clear insights into what you need to know about the email address.

Based on your search, you can see a result consisting of the owner’s personal information such as the name, physical address, social media sites they registered the email on, and even their phone number.

A search engine like ThatsThem or BeenVerified can be a great way in beginning your reverse email lookup.

While this searching method might be helpful, some people have multiple email addresses. This makes them anonymous that no personal details about them have connections with the email address.

5. Reverse Address Search

Are you planning to move into a new area, and while driving you saw a beautiful house with a for sale sign on it? A reverse address search might be your best bet in discovering more information about the house.

You can get more details about the house you’re planning to buy by running a reverse address search on it. Just enter the house address into a reverse search tool to discover more information about the property, including the property owner, phone number, and possibly other details.

Similarly, maybe you’re going through an old diary of yours, and you suddenly bumped into an address with no name attached to it. You can figure out whose address it is by using a reverse address search.

Input the address into a reverse search tool; it will bring a list consisting of the owner’s social media accounts, phone number, past addresses, relatives, and so on.

Additionally, reverse address search can be useful when investigating a business location to see if it’s authentic. Some searching sites will go a long way in digging more information by entering the street name in a specific city. The results usually consist of a list of several properties, owners of the street, businesses nearby, etc.

6. Reverse Audio Search

So is there a particular song humming in your brain, and you want to find out who it is. That’s what reverse audio search does. Usually, reverse audio search is used to discover the identity behind a specific song, which might lead to other details of the band or album.

An example of a good reverse audio search engine is Shazam.

What Is a Reverse Email Search?

With the rapid growth of several fraudulent acts on the internet, one would always want to be on the safe side. You never can tell a single email message from a business partner, potential client, or maybe someone trying to play tricks. This is why it’s important to have different tools to protect scams or other fraudulent acts.

That’s where reverse email lookup comes in. So what is a reverse email search? What is it used for?

A reverse email search refers to an online search tool used to uncover the identity behind an email address. Especially if the message is from an anonymous person. You can use a reverse email lookup to run a check if you’re planning to hire. This check will help you know if the applicant is being truthful.

The search results usually consist of the owner’s

  • Phone number
  • Social Media accounts
  • Real full name
  • Current address
  • Aliases (if they have any)

Uses of reverse email search

•   With the alarming rate of several fraudulent crimes today, it’s better to protect oneself from criminal acts. You can discover more information about the email address with reverse email lookup, especially from a strange person.

•   In addition, you can use a reverse email lookup to dig out information about a candidate you’re planning to hire for sales or marketing purposes. This way, you will see if they’re truly what they claim to be.

What Is a Reverse Image Search?

A reverse image search is similar to a reverse email search, it allows you to quickly upload an image or URL to discover similar images available online. With this search method, you can discover the website an image was being uploaded, similar images, and various image sizes.

There are a lot of reasons people use reverse image search tools. Maybe to discover a website using your website material, to find an old missing buddy you only have a picture of, and so on. Whatever the reasons might be, running a search using an image can be done easily.

  1. Lunch the browser app on your phone and proceed to the reverse image search.
  2. The “upload picture button” helps you to upload an image.
  3. Next, wait for some seconds for the results to pop up.

Uses of reverse image search

  1. Seek information about unidentified objects and other products.
  2. Locate the source information of an image.
  3. Locate similar pictures related to your search.
  4. Ensure compliance with copyright regulations.
  5. Find higher resolution models of an image.

Examples of reverse image search engines include Google image search, TinEye.

What Is a Reverse Username Search?

A reverse username search is a technology that allows you to discover a person’s real identity by using such a person’s usernames.

With the help of the internet, people now have more and more ways to look up someone online. Most popular platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Allows you to perform a username search to quickly locate the person you’re looking for instead of their real identity.

While some people use their details for privacy purposes, others use them to commit crimes. Faking their real identity to scam people online. The question here is how you can tell if the person you’re looking for online is using their real identity? Worry less, that’s what reverse username search tools help you discover.

A reverse username search tool helps find information about a user on social media sites using their username. The aim here is to find out a user’s real identity using their username. So how do you do that?

  1. Launch the reverse username search tool on your mobile phone.
  2. Input the person’s username in the search box.
  3. Next, click on the submit button.
  4. Wait for some time to receive information about the person from the record.


Performing a reverse search for emails, usernames, and phone numbers…with the end result of finding them online, is easy when you apply the guidelines above into your search. You can even carry out a social media search, dating site search, or find someone by username with the guidelines provided to you. Connecting back with our loved ones is indeed amazing, which is why you need to learn how to use a reverse search tool to look up someone you’ve lost in touch with.

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