How to search for someone on OnlyFans, like an expert?

Did you know onlyFans has over 170 million users subscribed? That’s over half the population of the USA! or, over 2.5 times the population of the UK! Are you on there? is your partner?!

If you need to find someone on OnlyFans, you can forget about using their own search feature. We’ve been chatting with some online experts, and we have some pretty nifty ways to search onlyFans, even if you don’t know who or what you are searching for!

Key Takeaways:

  • Searching for someone on OnlyFans totally possible, but you may have to use some of the free tools we suggest in this article.
  • It will take you seconds to find someone once you have the tools.
  • Yes, you can search and find a person’s location from OnlyFans.
  • Yes, you can even see everyone in your local area who is registered on OnlyFans.
  • You can search by username or email address, but you need to use some free tools not provided by OnlyFans.
  • There are a lot of so-called ‘married’ people secretly using OnlyFans, for online dating.
  • Find out why OnlyFans internal search is so useless…and how they make $900 million each year.

Launched back in 2016, OnlyFans is an entirely new and unique social networking site. However, the platform’s influence has recently begun to skyrocket. OnlyFans is a subscription-centered site if you aren’t already familiar. In other words, you’ll have to pay a fee to view the photos and videos posted there. The search feature has been kept minimal to protect the overall privacy of the nature and operation of this network. But does this mean all that juicy information you typically see on profile pages is closed off? not at all! a little more challenging? maybe, but totally possible.

OnlyFans wants to show you enough information to make money from influencers; that’s it. So, put your thinking cap on and try our tricks to find someone.

Why is OnlyFan’s internal search so useless?!

OnlyFans features a notoriously restricted search feature that maintains search results on a short leash to better secure content providers’ safety and confidentiality. Although the idea is to maintain anonymity and attract more content creators to join, searching for someone’s account can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare (if you don’t know the loopholes!). However, owing to a few loopholes our experts discovered, you can still search and locate anyone’s account.

So why are they so useless? it’s their business model! indeed, that may sound a bit out of sorts. Why would a business purposefully provide some useless internal searching features? surely it would damage their income. The truth is, OnlyFans wants their creators to ‘link to’ their profile and self-promote rather than relying on the site to do it. Why? if a creator advertises their own content, they also advertise OnlyFans themselves. So, creators are almost passive-aggressively forced to go outside the site and advertise their own content and grow OnlyFans business model. A big gamble to start with, but it seems to have paid off, making $900 million in 2021. Not a bad business model at all!

OnlyFans was founded in 2016 by two brothers, and they had to take a $10,000 loan from their dad to create it. It was acquired in 2018 by billionaire investor Leonid Radvinsky. For every dollar that each creator makes, OnlyFans gets 20% off, even for tips! plus, they get extra income from adverts. What a great business model!

How to find people on Onlyfans?

OnlyFans can be pretty frustrating in that it restricts its internal search options. Why? they want influencers to promote their accounts by paying for advertisements and linking themselves to other social networks (thereby growing the user base of OnlyFans). What’s better for OnlyFans, providing you general non-paying users with an easy-to-use search feature or forcing influencers to advertise OnlyFans on their other social media platforms, which may already have hundreds of thousands of followers?

Anyway, this form of business model has frustrated a lot of standard non-influencer users. How on earth can I find someone if they don’t let me search by username!? Well, now there are plenty of solutions (not to mention a free one created by our developers over at UserSearch.).

In a nutshell, there are now solutions to search OnlyFans by username, nickname, content type, rough location, or even when you drive around in your car and want to see who is on OnlyFans in that current location!

How to Search OnlyFans if I only know the location of a person?

Assume for a moment that you have forgotten the username of your favorite OnlyFans content provider but want to continue enjoying their work. What steps do you take to locate them? On the one side, you could use OnlyFans to enter various search terms, review many account listings, and then spend some time reviewing the results. Trying to search for someone this way is purely a matter of luck. I guess you’ll spend several hours browsing through profiles and yet come up with not much but lost time.

OnlyFinder lets you search for popular content makers by keyword, genre, or location. Great for finding content makers..and conducting online searches for people.

Fortunately, OnlyFinder can assist you in narrowing down your options by location. OnlyFans mandates content creators to provide their location as a component of their account management; therefore, this tool uses that requirement. As a result, OnlyFinder scrapes the platform to locate all of the creators from the same area. The outcomes are then shown in a list format. Here’s how to use OnlyFinder to discover OnlyFans profiles around you! 

Search OnlyFan accounts using OnlyFinder

  1. Navigate your way to Onlyfinder’s official webpage. 
  2. Select the “Map” to get a World map that looks identical to Google Maps.
  3. On the map, select a region. OnlyFinder’s advanced engines will provide a database of creators who work from that place!
The “Map” option allows you to select a geographical area to find users on OnlyFans.

You may narrow down your query region even more by specifying the size of the search area by kilometers. This is accomplished by modifying the distance reported by OnlyFinder. This distance is displayed in the upper left corner of the statistics bar.

Search OnlyFan accounts in your area.

To locate OnlyFans profiles in your location, follow these steps:

  1. Launch your desired web browser on your smartphone, laptop, or computer.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Once you’ve opened the URL, complete the process by utilizing the “location” and “range” settings.
Onlyfinder area locator lets you find the profiles. However, most accounts on OnlyFans require a subscription to access their content.

The location allows you to find people near a particular Nation, Region, or District (City). While distance might help you identify individuals near your chosen place, you can also choose how far distance you wish to explore the region. You may locate new individuals by utilizing the only finder application, which allows you to specify the position and range. Make sure to provide the location’s initial letter in capital letters and select the range radius, such as [“Manhattan,” 5 miles away].

You will now view the accounts of all OnlyFans users within 5 miles of your location in Manhattan. You may become friends with them by following them or subscribing to their profiles.

How to search OnlyFan accounts by name? 

Searching OnlyFans by name is an easy one, but also the slowest and possibly the most frustrating. Some users will keep their profile name the same as their actual, registered user account. Others will use nicknames or their influencer name. Simple enough? pretty much. But, as we mentioned, there are 50% more users on OnlyFans than there are in the how many profiles do you think will pop up if you’re looking for someone named ‘Todd’? Ah, yes, about 1.2 million. As we said, pretty simple but not ideal. No matter; our experts have plenty more tricks up their sleeves!

Onlyfans search by name is great if you know the name or nickname of the person you’re trying to find…and have plenty of time to sift through all the profiles. Although, if the name is quite unique, you may get lucky!

Something else which may increase your chances in the search is if the name is quite unique. More prominent influencers try to keep unique names, so you may have some luck. If you are looking for someone who enjoys being hidden, you’ll want to try some of our other tricks.

How to search OnlyFans with just a username?

Using a person’s username is among the most basic ways to look for them on OnlyFans, but sometimes one of the more effective! If you’re familiar with the content provider and know their username, looking for them is as simple as it gets. You don’t need to visit the OnlyFans webpage. The only mandatory thing is the domain name with a valid tag. Don’t know how to implement the username to locate someone on OnlyFans? Use the usual structure of the OnlyFans URL:  For example, the content provider you’re looking for has the username – Jane. In that case, all you have to do is,

  1. Launch your browser on your computer, notebook, or smartphone.
  2. Go to

You can also head over to our username lookup tool to save time and find them there. We’ll also find that user across hundreds of online profiles, such as discussions in forums, dating sites, adult websites, and more.

What to do if you don’t know their username?

What if you don’t remember that user’s username? Sometimes, a person will change their username from one network to another. In this scenario, the URL approach will result in the “Requested Page Not Found” message. Having stated that, the only way forth is to look for an alternative. So here is what you need to do regarding this situation:

  1. Launch a browser and navigate to the OnlyFans webpage.
  2. Once within the website, log in to your profile using the necessary credentials.
  3. Move your cursor over the search bar. It is often located in the upper-right area of the screen.
  4. Enter a username you’re acquainted with (Jane, for instance)
  5. Press the Enter key.

OnlyFans will begin searching for profiles similar to the requested phrase as quickly as you press enter. The complete function may take a couple of minutes due to the number of accounts accessible on the network. You will see a load of users that may go by that name. Not an ideal solution by OnlyFans, given it, provides people who actually have that username as a registered account, but also people who just decided to call themselves that as a nickname!’ll get you there in the end.

Because of the premium content they frequently share on their accounts, some creators on OnlyFans have thousands, even millions of likes. To solve the problem that OnlyFans lacks a search option, you may utilize the third-party to find the top and most searched individuals on the platform.

  • Visit
  • Select ‘Top.’
  • View the list of persons who have the most likes.

How to find someone on Onlyfans without knowing their username?

As we have seen, locating someone’s OnlyFans profile is simple if you have their username. But what happens if you don’t know it? That’s when some of your investigation skills can be used. Most content providers aren’t only on OnlyFans. Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Have you ever met a person with literally one social network account? even if someone claims to have one, you can be pretty much guaranteed they have another, perhaps several years out of date. Use a reverse username lookup site, like UserSearch, to track down their old profiles. Check out what usernames they go by, and boom! you have some new usernames t search on OnlyFans.

When creators wish to advertise their material on social networks, they commonly include a hyperlink to their OnlyFans profile. As a result, if you desire to discover somebody on OnlyFans, you must start with their social media profiles. This information is frequently presented in the “Instagram bios” section of the Facebook “About.”

How to find someone on Onlyfans using their E-mail? 

This is a pretty easy one, but one that is not well known! However, once you see the four steps, you’ll slap yourself on how easy it is! hint…can two people on OnlyFans, use the same email address? nope!

  1. Launch your desired browser via PC, smartphone, or tablet.
  2. Hover over
  3. Hit the “Create an Account” option.
  4. Enter the relevant email address and click continue.

If you do this, you will have two options: “Successful Account Activation” or “Proposal Denied.” While the former pertains to the absence of an authorized user, the latter checks that the user has an OnlyFans account associated with the same email id.

Just heads on on this little trick, though. The real person who uses that email address, may get an automatic email to their account saying someone has tried to use their email address. If whoever your looking for is already a little suspicious, think about things before you do it. What would we do? perhaps make it look like an actual hack. Redo the above 5-6 times and make it look like a dodgy hacker; they’ll more likely ignore it once it’s done.

Another heads up…the location you do this from is essential to think about. If you live in the same town as the person your checking on, you best do this from a 3g / 4g phone. This way, you can be assured the exact location of your IP address wont get reported to the email owner.

How to find small Onlyfans accounts? 

Suppose a renowned person (such as a celebrity, influencer, model, or YouTuber) registers an OnlyFans profile. In that case, many others will be able to locate them quickly since they are already well-known, and word will spread quickly. However, if an average joe creates an OnlyFans profile, how can you find this? This may be a little more tricky.

Sometimes you just need to think outside the box and wear an investigator hat. OnlyFans does want to hide some information from you. Gather your information, link it together, and see what comes out!

This is where your investigator hat may come in handy. Knowing a little bit of information on that person is what’s needed. You need to know other social media accounts they may use, such as Reddit, Facebook, etc. Reddit actually has its own subreddits where people promote their accounts. If you know Reddit, you’ll know there will be plenty of conversation in the same area. It’s also one of the first areas OnlyFan members promote their accounts since it allows NSFW material.

A changing platform…

OnlyFans is still a rapidly expanding platform because it offers creators a secure, private, and confidential community to share their work. But don’t worry; using the steps above, you can locate folks on OnlyFans! Whether OnlyFans will create a built-in search function is uncertain, eliminating the need to depend on third-party websites to discover individuals.

It’s also feasible that one day we’ll be able to find anyone on OnlyFans by mail if the content creators are permitted to turn off that option to protect their identity. Follow the steps outlined in this post and enjoy your viewing!

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