How to Find Secret Dating profiles?

Key takeaways:

  • Learn if you can find out if someone is on a dating website by just having their email address.
  • See if you can find someone on dating sites with just a username.
  • Find out what to do if you are totally stuck and don’t have either of these!
  • How to use dating sites’ internal search to your advantage.
  • See tools to quickly scan dating sites for you, such as UserSearch, Spokeo & PeopleLooker.
  • Learn to find secret profiles on eharmony, POF, and Tinder

Dating sites are soaring in popularity among all age groups. These sites are not going away. In fact, they are getting bigger, collecting more and more information from their users under the banner of ‘features.’ That’s great…if your trying to find someone, but not so great if you have a secret dating profile!

We’ve previously spoken about how you can find someone on Tinder, but here we’ll go into much more detail on this. Why are we showing you? You could be worried that your partner has a secret dating profile.

We’ll also go into more detail on how to find secret profiles on Plenty of Fish. We have covered this POF before, but as we do more research, we pass this information on to you. If you want to check out our previous search on POF, you can read it here.

The more data that is collected from you on a dating website, the less secret your profile is likely to become!
The more data that is collected from you on a dating website, the less secret your profile is likely to become!

Find out if someone is registered on a dating website through their name or username

While it may be apparent, you’d be shocked how many people use their real names when creating a dating profile. If that fails, consider a surname or nickname, such as “Sam” if their real name is Samuel.

Our research suggests that 1 in 4 people have used a dating site while being in a relationship! Hopefully, that’s not your partner…but with our help, you can be confident.

Generally, people use a nickname for their online profiles, Itunes, or anything else that comes to mind. If you met your sweetheart on a dating platform in the past, consider using their prior handle.

Find if someone is registered on a dating website through Email

To set up an account on many of these online dating services, you must have an email address. You might attempt two approaches to find someone’s e-mail address. One of which is to visit a prominent dating site, such as OkCupid or Tinder. And just input their email address to see whether they have a profile.

Another option is to perform a reverse search employing the individual’s email address. Which might return all of the profiles to which the individual is connected. This strategy, nevertheless, may be difficult because most individuals alter their email addresses while creating a hidden dating account.

You can work out what dating site they are likely using by checking out their public social network page. A lot of people join the groups or like articles related to the dating site before they join. Just go to their social network profile, and check out the groups they have joined and liked. Little tips like that can lead you on the right trail. Some dating sites, like Bumble, ask you to connect your Facebook profile by default.

Perform a reverse image search

Almost all of us duplicate the very same profile photo across many platforms. As a result, a simple Google check using their photograph may yield several profiles linked with it. You may accomplish this by launching the Google application or webpage on your computer and tapping the “discover” icon. There will be a choice to utilize Google Lens; this is where you input your photo and check whatever Google pops up with!

It makes no difference if the photograph turns out to be compressed or enlarged; Google would be able to compare it with an exactly equivalent photograph. Finally, if you are skeptical about your personal privacy, it’s advisable to avoid using the same image across several sites. Posting professional and unique photographs on Instagram or dating sites should be implemented.

Find out if someone is registered on a dating website through people’s search engine

Most individuals try to remain anonymous on dating services by using unique or strange usernames. You may struggle to find the person using a simple Google search. Furthermore, basic search engines may not show information about members from secret dating platforms. That is why you want an effective people search tool. Most of these tools are not free, but our first recommendation is (UserSearch). Also, remember that just because something is charged, it doesn’t mean they are better than free versions!

People search tools, such as UserSearch, can scan dating and social networking sites by username, contact information, or email addresses. Just input the target’s details in their search bars and see what returns! They have huge databases, which are growing all the time. Without further ado, let us see some of these amazing tools.


UserSearch is a free tool that scans hundreds of social network sites, dating sites, and forums.  You can search by Username or Email address.  The main service is free, but they are building a new advanced version which you can access for $8.99.
UserSearch is a free tool that scans hundreds of social network sites, dating sites, and forums. You can search by Username or Email address. The main service is free, but they are building a new advanced version which you can access for $8.99.

UserSearch works differently compared to other people’s search tools. They don’t store any data locally or collect any information. They actually perform huge live searches for the most up-to-date information on the actual websites. So, they look for your target live to get the most up-to-date information.


PeopleLooker - People search engine
PeopleLooker – People search engine

This app does wonders when it comes to reverse email searches. PeopleLooker specifically focuses on finding a person through their email address. All you need to do is simply enter the target’s email address on the PeopleLooker homepage. The information shown can list registered dating profiles, social media profiles, or the username that is registered on these profiles. They can also see secret dating profiles.

Finding someone using their email is the easiest option, and the perfect tool to fulfill the accuracy is PeopleFinder.  


Spokeo - People search engine
Spokeo – People search engine

This application is among the market’s most renowned people search tools. You can see a person’s digital footprint across 120 social networking sites and dating sites. To see if someone is a member of a dating site, just perform the following:

  • Go over to the Spokeo webpage and pick the appropriate search type based on the details you have
  • Enter an email id in the search window and press the Search Now button.
  • The report contains details on most dating platforms and social networks that the person has enrolled in.

You’ll get a 7-day trial version subscription with unlimited queries and premium service if you obtain the complete report.


BeenVerified - People search engine
BeenVerified – People’s search engine

This application has simplified the process of discovering anyone’s dating accounts. With just a nickname, contact information, or email account, you can find a person’s online profile and virtual tracks!

To use this amazing tool, just follow these simple processes; Go over to the BeenVerified webpage and select your preferred search category; Then input the information that you possess and press the Search button. BeenVerified can provide comprehensive reports in a matter of seconds, which include contact information, social media accounts, and criminal background.

This is a platform that requires a membership. If you aren’t already a subscriber, sign up for a free 7-day membership to begin your searches right away!

Find if someone has a dating profile through social networking handles

Social networking handles are unique nicknames associated with networks like Facebook and Instagram and accompanied by a “@” sign. First, determine the target’s social networking handle. From here, try using Google or Google Dorks and checking if anything comes up. Try searching for it explicitly on social networks and dating services, and try out some Google Dorking. Don’t know what Google Dorking is? Check this out: What is Google Dorking?

Is she on a dating site? Or is he on a dating site? Find out with these simple steps

Create a dating profile yourself

You could set up a profile to eavesdrop on your spouse and hunt for evidence of prospective infidelity. Be careful, though, if they suspect that you suspect, it could all backfire into a nasty mess! You could actually look like you’re online dating by setting up fake dating accounts!

A jilted lover might easily turn a catfish into a phony account. Creating a bogus profile is usually prohibited in most terms and conditions, so just be careful. If you choose this path, establish your account, look for your spouse’s approximate likes, and delete your profile as soon as possible!

There is nothing wrong with becoming a phone thief! 

No, do not really steal their smartphone since it will undoubtedly boomerang and spark a brawl. Instead of using dating services to locate someone, borrow their smartphone and conduct a brief “phone call.” Prepare ahead of time by learning how and where to look for applications on their specific type of smartphone.

Commonly used applications are frequently accessible from the home screen. Check for notifications from prominent dating services such as Bumble, Adult Friend Finder, and so on.

Test their reaction

If you are extremely certain that your spouse is on dating websites but was unable to locate their dating account using the above manual approaches, approach them as if you absolutely have the proof you need. Say something like, “My buddy spotted you on OkCupid! Why would you ever do this to me? I know for sure that you are in there?” Keep an eye out for their behavioral changes, and follow your instincts.

It’s far best to discuss something of this sort in person instead of over a text or other means of communication. As doing this in person can help you judge their reaction. Even if you turn out to be correct, be aware that cheaters are more likely to act innocent and would play the ‘reverse blame game’ on you! 

It is more straightforward if you have access to their devices

Obtaining access to your spouse’s smartphone is the quickest approach to determine if or if they are not being honest. If your companion is suspicious of their equipment (particularly their smartphone), you must be. Although there might be numerous reasons for somebody to be wary about their smartphone, it is a significant red signal. However, if you are able to obtain accessibility to their smartphone for whatever purpose, there are three essential elements you should search for.

  1. Messaging applications: When individuals meet anyone on dating services, they frequently take the discussion to other messaging applications. Checking applications like Instagram and Whatsapp messenger might help you figure out who your spouse is communicating with, how frequently, or when.
  2. Secret applications or folders: People frequently lock programs within files on their smartphones. Libraries on Ios, androids, and Macs can have numerous pages, and the programs that no one wants to see are buried behind the innermost sections. If no dating applications jump out on the main screen, go through each subfolder and scroll all the way to the bottom.
  3. Utilize the search bar: A further advanced technique to see whether your spouse is on a dating website is to use the search box on the main screen to look for certain applications. This is a quick method to locate an application on your spouse’s smartphone. The only drawback is that you must know precisely what it is you are searching for. Going to the search field and putting in “dating application” will provide no results. However, putting “Wechat,” “POF,” or “OkCupid” into their smartphone will bring the application up if they have had it installed on their smartphones. 


Finding anyone’s secret dating account might be challenging, specifically if you do not really know the process. Anyway, if you know some of the target’s information, such as their username, email, or contact information, the process is much easier!

If you discover it’s all too time-consuming, use a scanner like UserSearch. Doing this will help you know once and for all if your partner may be cheating.

Also, make sure you implement some of the strategies mentioned above. But, it is not guaranteed that the accuracy is on-point with what you search for. Ultimately, if you have more information about the target, these strategies can be even more effective!