How To Find Someone by Email, like an Expert.

Have you ever been in a situation where a shady new neighbor has moved in next door? Or you have moved in with a shady neighbor. In such cases, it is better to know more about your neighbors and walk on the safe side. This is now possible with reverse address lookup. You can use this technique to find someone by email address. It enables you to get all sorts of information about someone through a simple search and find. Reverse address lookup has made things way easier for many professionals. One of those is real estate agents who research neighborhoods and people through this service.

No doubt, Reverse address lookup is an immensely valuable tool. Now, are you wondering how the reverse address lookup tool can be of your help? In today’s article, we hope to educate you about the uses and importance of reverse address lookup, its uses, the tools used to do reverse address lookup, and many other things.

What is a Reverse Address Lookup?

Before diving into the technicalities of this tool, let’s establish what reverse address lookup tool is!

Reverse address lookup is the art of finding someone’s details through his/her address. All it requires of you to do a reverse address lookup is the proper address of the person you are seeking to get information for. Upon clicking on the search button, your target’s information will be displayed in front of you in no time. The reverse address lookup tool will display all the information regardless of whether your target is a piece of land or a human being.

There are several different reverse address lookup tools available on the web. So, if you can find a reliable tool that provides these services, you can get information about any person or property. Here it is to note that displayed information will only be that which is available on the web.

Types of Reverse Lookups

Different types of reverse address lookups can help you find a person online. Here are some of the most popular ones that you can benefit greatly from.

  • Reverse Address Lookup

You already know about the reverse address lookup. This type of search tool, in simple terms, allows you to find someone by address.

  • Reverse Email Lookup

In 2018, the IRS reported a 60% increase in emails-related scams. You can easily use reverse email lookups for these types of scams. So we can easily say that reverse email lookup is more valuable than one might think.

  • Reverse Phone Lookup

If you need to get someone’s information using a phone number, reverse phone lookup is the best option.

  • Reverse Image Lookup

This type of reverse lookup allows users to get information by uploading an image on the world wide web.

  • Reverse Audio Lookup

Reverse audio lookup can be the appropriate tool when finding audio content such as tunes, podcasts, or sound effects.

How Does a Reverse Address Lookup Work?

Whether address verification or reverse address lookup tools, their primary operation ground is based on the global data set. We certainly cannot ignore the number of new addresses that are added to the global data set daily in any way. Therefore, the search for a new address can get overwhelming nonetheless. But reverse address lookup tools make this process way easier for enterprises all over the globe. Keep reading the sections below for information about how it works and its uses.

Technical Process Behind the Reverse Address Lookup

For a proper address validating process, reverse address lookup needs two different API requests; Find Request and Obtain Request.

When you insert an address with a ZIP code, state, city, and name/street number, the reverse address lookup tool’s API returns the address ID. This is the finding portion of this technique. Then, the obtained address ID is delivered to obtain service. That very service retrieves the properly formatted addresses and delivers you the final list. 

Common Uses of API Calls

  • To check the accuracy of the address via cross-checking
  • You can obtain addresses that have specific longitude and latitude
  • To find addresses via a simple text search.

Types of Information You Can Get

The primary purpose of reverse address lookup is gathering information about a target person like number, address, city, and neighborhood. Here is a list of some of the most valuable information that you can get from a reverse address lookup.

  • Target’s complete name
  • Age
  • Phone numbers
  • Target’s relatives’ information
  • Previous addresses (if any)
  • Social media details such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more
  • Target’s criminal records

If you are searching for property, you will get the following details.

  • Local area code
  • Value of the home
  • Built year
  • Details about the area(sq.ft2)
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Details about any sex offenders living in that neighborhood
  • Company or home that uses that particular address.

Websites Offering Reverse Address Lookup

Now that you know what reverse address lookup is let’s discuss what types of websites offer the address lookup! 

Surely, you will need reliable and fast tools to carry out a proper address lookup. However, finding an excellent reverse address lookup tool is not a piece of cake, specifically when considering the innumerable amount of free services on the web. Most services might say they are the best, and they provide everything you can possibly be looking for. But don’t trust every website for authentic results until you have closely assessed it.

In order to save you from any unnecessary trouble, here are our top picks for the best reverse address lookup tools.


UserSearch offers a free reverse email search across hundreds of public-facing websites. All you need to do is enter the email address in the search box and select one of your chosen options under ‘Email searching’. Each one performs a slightly different search, as described in the below picture.

To do a reverse email search on UserSearch, just enter the email address in the search bar and click one of the options under the heading 'Email Searching'.  They search hundreds of social networks and chat forums.  If the email address has been made public, this site will find it.

To do a reverse email search on UserSearch, enter the email address in the search bar and click one of the options under the heading ‘Email Searching’. They search hundreds of social networks and chat forums. If the email address has been made public, this site will find it.

UserSearch offers a few choices on how to search emails.

  1. Traditional Reverse Email Search: Scans hundreds of social networks and forums for public-facing emails on the website.
  2. Email Extractor: enter a URL, and UserSearch will pull all the emails that are located on the website.
  3. HaveIBeenHacked?: This sends a request to a hacked report database. It checks if the email address has been included in a website hack.

The best thing about all these search options… it’s totally free. No catches; you don’t need to sign up. Just visit UserSearch, and off you go!

CocoFinder – Highly Secure

If you ever need assistance while using CocoFinder, their customer support team will assist you in every way possible. The 24/7 customer support is an excellent addition to their services. Also, they update their database regularly, and you can get the target’s details in a few minutes.

This reverse address lookup tool has an easy-to-use interface that makes it the best among other tools. You also get a vast amount of data for free with this address lookup website.


In comparison to other reverse lookup tools, FindPeopleFast is an easy-to-use and fast tool. Upon giving the target’s current location, this tool gives you all the information about that person or property. Besides, this is a completely free tool that allows users to address searches in their web browser. This tool has three different types of reverse lookup options; address lookup, phone number lookup, and email lookup.

This tool offers four different address lookup types, including people, phone, address, and email.

Whatever the search type, it offers you highly accurate information. So you can easily use this tool to dig up some information about your newly moved neighbor next door for safety purposes.


Another reverse address lookup tool that can provide someone’s background details is TruthFinder. We can undoubtedly call this tool one of the best ones available for free. With their reverse address lookup feature, you can also get the target’s current location even with the target’s old or out-of-use address.

Apart from that, TruthFinder provides the target’s social media details and relatives’ details. So, this tool is excellent for criminal investigations as it gathers facts about a specific property.

This address lookup tool is for you if you want to find someone. With its help, you can find people instantly. You can search for people by their first name, last name, city, and state. This tool provides criminal records, contact numbers, and background checks on people.

This address lookup tool offers its customers a 5-day trial that costs only $1. Besides, it is available on both iSO and Android devices.

Instant Checkmate

Need some information about your friends and neighbors? If so, try using Instant Checkmate. With Instant Checkmate, you will get information about who else is living with your friend. Furthermore, you can also find your friend’s location, the size of his home, and more.

Besides that, this tool also provides information like the criminal records of the searched target. The best thing about this tool is that you will receive all of this information within a few seconds. You can initiate the reverse address search anonymously with this tool. If you are a real estate agent or investigator, you will find Instant Checkmate highly valuable.

This address lookup tool lets you search for people for free and find their contact information, location, criminal records, and much more. 

Instant Checkmate is an entirely free reverse lookup service. Another secure and highly applauded feature of Instant Checkmate is that it doesn’t collect your details.

Spokeo – Vast Database for Reverse Address Lookup

Spokeo is a service that features both phone lookup and address lookup services. Also, this is a truly reliable service that consists of a vast database. Not only this, but Spokeo is also the best tool to get accurate results swiftly.

Moreover, Spokeo has an excellent 24/7 live chat service that can be very handy during address searches. And guess what? You will be getting all of these services for free. Also, if you plan to do a reverse phone number lookup, this service will give more data from its vast database compared to any other service.

This lookup tool helps you find someone by address, name, phone, or email. Spokeo gives you industry-leading billions of records.

How to do a Reverse Address Lookup?

You might be wondering how to carry out the reverse address lookup using the tool. Let’s learn from the example of the CocoFinder address lookup tool. No doubt, it is very useful while doing a reverse address lookup. So, here is how you can find someone using CocoFinder.

Step 01 – Visit the CocoFinder Homepage

By default, the page of this address lookup tool will load up the Peoples Search option. You can change it accordingly.

First, go to the CocoFinder homepage. Now select the “Address Lookup” option. You can locate this option nearby the “White Pages” option.

Official Website –

Step 02 – Enter the Required Information

Here we have selected the Address Lookup option. Now you can enter the required details.

After that, enter your First Name, Last Name, City, and State according to your target. Now click the “Start Search” button.

Step 03 – Make Your Choice

After a few minutes, this reverse address lookup page will load up the available details about the target.

In a short period, you will receive results. So, wait for the results and examine. Then select the matching profile to get the detail of the target.

Uses of Reverse Address Lookup

If you have already had the opportunity to use a reverse address lookup service, you probably know the importance of the service. However, if you haven’t used such a service, here is a list of uses that can change your mind.

For Address Verification

Have you ever had to carry out the tedious job of scrolling through thousands of addresses from an address book to look for a certain one? There is no need to do that anymore! Because the finest technique to accomplish this is reverse address, lookup can achieve the same results more easily. You can use this tool to quickly search all the addresses in your contact list and update them accordingly. However, make sure you don’t miss out on friends or colleagues for any special events. Not only this, but this method can also help you find your friend on social media sites.

Spy On Your Neighbors

Need some information about your new neighbors? If yes, use the reverse address lookup. Digging up information on your new neighbor for safety purposes is no crime. With this tool, you can get various sets of information. You can find their previous address, social media information, criminal history, etc. Using a reverse address lookup service can help greatly toward keeping your neighborhood safe.

Get Property Details

If you are looking to buy a new house or land, you might need some information before making the final decision. Or your real estate agent might need to look up some details about a property before suggesting you any house. In any of those cases, use a reverse lookup tool to get all the information related to that particular property. For instance, you will get information such as the built year of the house, area, value, and more.


All in all, Reverse address lookup is one of the easiest methods on the web to gather information about someone or find a person online. This service can provide you with the target’s age, full name, criminal history, and much more personal information. You can use the above-mentioned lookup tools to find someone by address and get the desired information about them.

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