How to Tell if Someone Has a secret Dating Profile?

For those tempted, dating sites make it far too easy to slip into the world of Infidelity. If your partner is cheating on you, you’ll see sometimes see the signs. Other times, you’ll plainly catch them secretly registered on dating sites!

Infidelity is being morally or emotionally dishonest to a spouse or partner while also breaking a pledge made at the start of the relationship. Unfortunately, we see it everywhere.

Determining whether or not your partner is simply registered on dating sites, can reveal a lot about whether or not they are hiding something from you.

In this article, we will discuss 4 telltale signs to watch out for, and give you 8 great tools to actually see if they have a hidden dating profile.

Learn about various indicators of a culpable cheating partner.  Guilt from secrets, by human nature, gives out a lot of queues that you may not be aware of until you really think about how they are acting.  It's pretty hard to hide human nature.
Learn about various indicators of a culpable cheating partner. Guilt from secrets, by human nature, gives out a lot of queues that you may not be aware of until you really think about how they are acting. It’s pretty hard to hide human nature.

4 Major Signs to Tell If Your Partner Is Registered On a Dating Site

Here, we have mentioned some possible signs for you to discover whether or not your partner is registered on dating sites.

1) Changes in Behavior, guilt is hard to hide.

If your partner suddenly starts taking better care of you, there are higher chances that they are hiding or doing something wrong and want to make up for it. In this situation, questioning them about a rapid change may cause them to become aggressive.

A simple chat can elicit an abrupt reaction from your spouse. They may become impatient if you probe them too much about their friend or ask them a small favor. 

2) Hide Devices…hide the secret dating profiles.

Having multiple security codes or passwords on the gadgets may indicate that your partner is trying to keep things from you.

Other warning indications include receiving calls or texts from unknown numbers and avoiding chatting in your company. Moreover, mumbling when talking on the phone, and erasing data or numbers from the devices.

3) Unexpected Meeting

If your partner has developed a new pattern, such as traveling to the workplace at odd hours. Or, if they receive late-night calls and texts relating to work, it indicates that things are not right. You should investigate and determine whether or not they are speaking the truth.

4) Concerned About Their Appearance

If your partner suddenly starts dressing in fancier clothes to work, wearing a fragrance he’s never worn before, or going for a workout more frequently than usual, you should think about why.

If you observe your partner is improving their appearance but isn’t taking you out on dates and trying to rekindle your relationship, it could be a spiritual clue they’re lying to you.

Some Ways To Find Someone’s Hidden Dating Profiles

There are numerous techniques to discover if your partner is registered on a dating site by using their username, photo, address, and other information.

Check the list of tools that may assist you in uncovering secret dating profiles. These dating site search tools may help you ascertain if your partner has been disloyal.

1) UserSearch : Experts in finding hidden profiles!

Finding out if someone has a dating profile is a little tricky, but when someone is actively trying to hide their profile, you need to think like a cheater! Luckily, one of the largest and oldest reverse lookup tools available has done this for us. It’s also totally free, no registrations are required, and seems to be the major leader in this area.

When you visit UserSearch, you’ll be presented with a screen that has a similar layout to Google. By that, we mean, the search bar is in the middle and you just enter what you are interested in and click go!

UserSearch is quite literally the oldest and well tested reverse lookup tool online. It searches over 600 social networks, dating sites, and forums and it can do reverse email lookups! They don’t need you to register, just enter the username or email you’re looking for and click go! it’s a one-stop-shop for finding secret dating profiles.

You’ll see from the picture, you can choose from a few options on what type of sites you want to search, such as social networks, crypto forums, chat forums, or dating sites. Obviously, we want dating sites. In the dating selection, they can scan all the major sites such as Tinder, Match, AdultFriendFinder, plus a load of lesser-known ones such as interpals, FriendFinder, etc. The fact they cover lesser-known ones is perfect if you’re looking for ‘hidden’ dating profiles! why? What would you do, if you were trying to hide? join some large, well-known site that would be the first place someone would look, or something a little more niche, a little less known? exactly.

So, how exactly do you search for hidden dating profiles?

  1. Visit UserSearch.
  2. Select ‘Dating Sites’.
  3. Enter the name/username/email of who you are trying to find a hidden dating profile, in the search bar.
  4. Click the magnifying glass.
  5. Wait about 15 – 30 seconds (hint: the longer it takes, usually the more results they have found!).

The results will look something like this:

UserSearch has found some secret dating profiles for the username, Fred! By clicking ‘View’ profile, you’ll be directed right to that user account’s dating profile.

2) DorkSearch : Finding hidden results on Google

A little trick we’ve picked up from our years of online investigations is, when it doubt, Dork it! No, we don’t mean put on some specs and become a dork. Google Dork it.

According to Wikipedia, Google Dorking, otherwise known as ‘Google Hacking’ involves using “advanced operators in the Google Search Engine to locate specific errors of text within search results”.


Basically, you can enter a particular combination of terms into the Google Search engine, and as result, you get more concise information or information that you may never have come across if you used Google as Google expects you to. Is it illegal? totally not. However, if you come across a hacked device via Google, and access it…technically, you are accessing a computer system without permission, which is classified as hacking (is illegal). So, just be choosey about what you search for. This is why DorkSearch exists, to help you only search for what you actually intended to search for. When you visit them, it’ll look like this:

DorkSearch is great for newbies to Google Dorking. It gives you thousands of pre-built dorks to choose from by just clicking what kind of search you’re looking for. And, if you feel adventurous, you can use the builder to discover entirely new ones!

You may be thinking it looks a little bland, but don’t let that put you off! Behind those buttons are thousands and thousands of Google Dork operators that you can simply click on and see the results in Google. Try them out, we’ve done a little guide just to help out.

How to Google Dork a hidden dating site?

  1. Visit
  2. Click ‘Builder’ (lets you mix and match operators).
  3. Browse down a little until you see “site:” with a handy description next to it of “search specific site”. When you click it, DorkSearch will automatically populate the search bar for you, like the below picture:
Clicking any of the buttons on DorkSearch will present thousands of easy-to-choose options for Google Dorking, with handy descriptions of their purpose, and even whether they are useful for searching websites, images, groups, news, or all of the above!
  1. Enter the words that have already been added for you, and type the words: “Tinder/@” after them. Basically, it should look like this:
Here we have added the word “” after the automatically populated selection from our operators.
  1. Finally, click search, and behold the results. We’ll let you have a look, but basically, I think you’ll be very surprised with the results Google comes up with.

3) Intelius

When searching for a partner, Intelius is a valuable tool. The tool will find information about your partner securely and discreetly, without disclosing your identity or notifying your partner.

The tool provides security checks, reverse phone, and location lookups, and a comprehensive report comprising valuable and informative information. It also provides several pricing options for additional services.

Intellius is a lookup tool where you can easily find anyone registered on dating sites.
The above picture shows the findings of the related searches to verify if a person is registered on dating sites.

Intelius is quick, and efficient, and ensures client safety and confidentiality while extracting the information. Intelius background checks enable users to make contacts without fear of being deceived or tricked. This dating search site is vital in our world of fraud, deceptions, and scammers, where one can never be too cautious.

4) Social Catfish

Whether your partner has recently displayed suspicious behavior or has been micro-cheating, you should investigate the situation. It is your responsibility to find out if your significant other is registered on dating sites.

With the Social Catfish dating site search, it is easy to find dating profiles by username. The tool searches the depths of the internet for the information you seek. Users can investigate the veracity of email accounts, contact information, online accounts, and even photos.

If you suspect your partner is cheating on you, Social Catfish can assist you in confirming the identity of people they encounter online.
A secure and reliable dating site search to unveil your partner’s infidelity.

Create a fake dating profile and match your lookup settings to the specified requirements of your partner. It would include checking all investigation criteria, such as stature, nationality, or even your partner’s hair color.

In addition to their residential address, your partner may utilize their workplace address to keep their profile hidden in the event of a break-up or separation. 

If you desire the truth and believe an online search can lend a hand, Social Catfish is here to help!

5) BeenVerified

Another dating site search tool is BeenVerified. It is the most popular background search service, where you can find a wealth of personal information. The tool provides accurate and up-to-date information and is the primary choice for anyone looking for the truth.

With this verified social media accounts finder and history search, you can discover more than just the facts. For instance, there is a page that uncovers the person’s registered personal profiles. If the person has a profile on any website such as Tinder or others, you will find it.

A home page of yet another effective people lookup tool. Here, you can effortlessly search if your significant other is cheating by registering on a dating site. 
You need to enter the credentials to reach the last stage of the process before finding out if someone is registered on dating sites. 

In addition to what you know about your partner, the tool can extract the person’s covert mobile information and secret email accounts. Another helpful feature of this tool is that you will be able to search all dating sites, profile photographs, and even recordings of your partner. 

Use personal details to find a hidden dating profile on dating sites like Tinder or Bumble. Then, in the social media report section, look for the photos.

6) Spokeo

Spokeo offers a wide range of search tools to assist you in finding the information you’re looking for.

This dating site search conducts background screening predicated on data acquired from validated records. It collects information from numerous sources and aggregates it for you to read through. The tool identifies unknown calls, texts, and emails from fraudsters, advertisers, or cybercriminals, allowing you to block or disregard them actively.

Spokeo can help you find your partner’s dating site search. 
 Do you think your partner is registered on dating sites? Then, get help from Spokeo!

However, Spokeo is ineffective for extensive background investigations such as criminal histories, and some searches do not even produce complete or up-to-date data. There are also many customer complaints about the tool’s billing practices about constantly increasing payments. Users have to pay bills within seven days until their subscription ends.

7) TruthFinder

TruthFinder is among the most common background screening tools available. The tool may benefit anyone searching for their partner’s hidden dating profiles. 

This dating site search tool can easily extract a person’s location history, criminal records, nicknames, and bankruptcies. The tool will also detect any online activity and display the most recent posts made by a person. However, TruthFinder does not allow you to pay for a single report, except for its affordable subscription pricing. You can pay a subscription fee or try it for free for five days.

This dating site search tool helps you uncover your partner’s dating profiles. 
Is your beloved partner cheating on you? Truthfinder is here to help.

TruthFinder largely relies on public records, which can be helpful when looking for things like a covert dating profile. This tool can also search the dark net for other significant clues and public documents.

This search tool presents results based on several data points. Another great thing about the tool is that you don’t have to be an IT specialist to utilize it. So, if you suspect your partner is on an online dating site, TruthFinder will undoubtedly assist you in verifying this.

8) PeopleLooker

PeopleLooker is another online information extractor that allows you to generate a detailed report on anyone you choose. 

People search is an advanced tool that helps you find if someone is registered on dating sites.
After the end of the search, PeopleLooker displays results about people registered on dating sites.

PeopleLooker is speedy and provides accurate search results. However, the tool’s accuracy depends on the information collected on public records. If your search yields no results, there is nothing to display. The tool will provide you with the updated report once the individual upgrades their details. It keeps everything confidential and does not let the person know about it. It ensures that the tool is secure and safe to use.

This dating site search tool, like most background screening services, is a paid service and operates on a subscription basis. The tool currently has two plans that you can subscribe to based on your needs and requirements. 

Upon selecting a payment plan, you must select your desired payment plan. It could be a credit/debit card or a PayPal account. Enter the necessary information and reap the fantastic benefits of the tool.

9) Google Advanced Searches 

Every day millions of individuals use Google for various reasons. Be it a student, or employee, Google is the only viable research option for them. However, many users might not be using Google search to its fullest.

You will need to fill out the form to see the results of your partner’s Tinder, Bumble, or other dating profiles.

With Google Advanced Searches, you can pinpoint cells that match your searches and look for written records. Besides, you can also scan all types of data simultaneously or select only those you’re interested in.

  • You can start at the Advanced Search screen and decide whether or not to restrict your findings. After selecting advanced search from the gear icon, your filter will modify the search form.
  • Then fill in the box with your search criteria. 
  • Instead of just searching for an image, you can select the file type, domain, colors, and other parameters.

Although advanced searching yields more relevant results, some queries are so narrow that few or no results match the requirements. If this occurs, modify your options and search terms.

10) CheaterBuster

CheaterBuster is a platform and software that provides Tinder Profiles Search. You may check their Tinder profile and the date they last clicked on someone by inputting their names into the CheaterBuster program. You do not need to have or create a Tinder profile to conduct the research.

The Cheaterbuster service scans, collect data and determine whether your partner has a Tinder profile. If a current profile is discovered following the search, you can explore the profile in greater detail.

CheaterBuster is the software where you can find your partner’s Tinder profiles.
After the payment, the results will include the most recent swipe and the area from where your partner accessed Tinder.

Steps to Use CheaterBuster to find a dating profile

Steps you need to follow to check if your partner is registered on dating sites:

  1. The first step is to use a good browser that supports Flash Player to access the Cheaterbuster.
  2. Enter the person’s details into the search box.
  3. After entering the person’s information, enter your email and password to access the page’s features.
  4. Finally, click “See search results” and pay for the search.

Once a search is requested, the program will retrieve the latest and most precise Tinder results for the search parameters you specified. While the system collects data, you will be able to access prior results that meet the search criteria.

You may track the progress of your search under “My Account” and the notification that shows at the top of the search results page if it is still processing. When the search is completed, an email containing the results will be sent to you.

Your account is safe as it retains no personal information or billing information on its systems. CheaterBuster does not store any other information besides their email address. Any other information gathered during the payment transaction is also not retained, and the user’s email addresses are not shared with anyone.

Summing Up

With the tools mentioned above, you can have all the evidence to confirm whether or not your partner is registered on dating sites.

Having stated that, seeking the help of a competent professional counselor for personal and couples counseling can help make it simpler for you. Then it would be up to you to decide if you want to try to mend your romantic connection or not. You can also work on starting to recover from your suffering to go on to the type of caring, supportive, happy relationship you deserve.

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