How to find a secret dating profile in 5 steps?

Are you browsing Facebook, Tiktok, Tinder or OnlyFans, and wondering if your partner is secretly dating online? Or, perhaps you’re feeling a little suspicious every time your partner hides their phone screen when you’re near? If you’re feeling a little suspicious, perhaps you should. According to, almost 40% of couples suffer from cheating during their relationship. With the ease of online dating, secret dating profiles are cropping up all over the place. We’ll show you what the chances are of your partner having a secret dating profile, and more importantly, how to find it, like a private investigator.

Almost 40% of couples suffer from an unfaithful partner.  With the ease of online dating, this issue is only increasing.  But can you find a secret dating profile of your partner?
Almost 40% of couples suffer from an unfaithful partner. With the ease of online dating, this issue is only increasing. But can you find a secret dating profile of your partner?

How can you find a secret dating profile?

You have a right to know if you are being cheated on. If you want to find your wife/husband online dating profiles, you need to do it quickly and quietly. As soon as they think you are onto them, their profile will be deleted and everything will be denied.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of different ways you can use various free open source profile finders tools, to find hidden (and not so hidden) dating profiles online. Please note that these methods vary in success and the more information you know about a person, such as how they look, the easier it will be to find that person. Just a heads up, some dating websites will not let you actually see the profile unless you log in, but they will tell you if the profile exists. Once a profile has been confirmed, you can create a fake profile and log in to the dating profile.

Four pieces of information you need, to find a dating profile online

  1. You need to know how to search the internet such as Google.
  2. Patience.
  3. Use a tool that is specialised in reverse username lookups!
  4. Information on your target, such as old usernames, old email addresses, perhaps a picture would be good.

Warning: Lack of patience may result in quitting

Finding users online, even if you have a user lookup tool, takes effort and patience. A profile finder tool will point you in the right direction. This combined with any knowledge you may have on your target, the higher chance you’ll find any secret dating profile they may have.

Four steps to finding secret dating profiles

Follow these four guided steps to find a dating profile and you cannot go wrong.

These are some shocking statistics on what age and sex people are more likely to cheat in a relationship. However, knowing is useful to be prepared.

1) Search for a person’s name or username

While this sounds pretty dull, it’s the first step. You’ll be surprised at how many people use their own names in usernames and email address’s when creating a profile on Tiktok, dating sites, or even adult entertainment sites. People who use dating sites, also think that just because their secret dating profile, is not ‘public’, in the settings, no one can see them. How wrong they are!

Try using a free reverse lookup tool such as UserSearch, and use various combinations of usernames until you get a hit that you recognize.

Also, test out the username or email with a 1 at the end, or _ between the first and second name. I bet you have at least one username or email address with them included! So once you’ve decided on your list of usernames to try, throw it in google but with inside, this ensures google searches for that term exactly. Also, if you previously met your partner on a dating site, try out the username they used when you first met them.

2) Check their browsing history

A little unorthodox and we don’t really like this one, but it works when you need it to. A person’s browser history is personal, very personal, and from looking at it over a long period of time can pretty much be similar to reading a person’s personal we don’t like it but it can show access to dating sites and social networking sites that you never knew they used. A quick look at the top left-hand bar (title) on the page will show you the username or email address they used to sign up using. From doing this, you’ve got a new username to check on a reverse username lookup tool.

3) Find Hidden Social or Dating Accounts using their email address

Most social media and online dating sites force you to use an email to create a profile. You can try searching for someone’s address using two quick methods. First, go to a site like Tinder or Zoosk and simply enter the email on the ‘registration’ page to see if it’s already registered. If it is…boom, you know the email address is being used on that site. Now, that doesn’t mean they are still active, and they could have been on there years ago, but it gives you a start. Now, don’t whatever you do click ‘reset password’, otherwise they will know someone is looking into them. We did build a script to do this en-mass across hundreds and hundreds of sites, but it was a little too intrusive we thought, so we turned it off. It’s still available for those urgent situations, but that’s pretty rare.

4) Know an email address? Find dating profiles with a reverse email search

We may have already mentioned this, but another way is to run a reverse search using the person’s email address. Try with the full email address, but also pull off the first part before the @ symbol, as many people tend to use that as their username. A reverse search will churn up accounts to the user who may be registered. However, this may be tricky as people do like to set up new email accounts for profiles they may want to be hidden (hence the check internet browsing history point, even though we don’t like that point).

If you are trying to see if someone is an online dating and you already are friends on Facebook, they out their full profile. Sometimes, they will accidentally ‘like’ a dating app, which can indicate they’re also members of the site or were members. Why else would they like it?

By the way…you can apply these methods to find hidden social media profiles, not just hidden dating profiles.

5) Got a picture? Find Dating Profiles by Picture

You can find a hidden dating profile if you have pictures of the person. Reverse Image Search tools can find dating profiles indexed by Google if they see a similar profile picture.

We wouldn’t say humans are lazy by nature, but perhaps we do like to be efficient when we can. Why else would the copy/paste buttons be used so frequently?

Following us saying that before we are offended on behalf of the human race, most of us tend to reuse the same profile picture across our accounts.

Generally, we may think it’s one of our ‘better’ sides in the picture. People will use that picture for their hidden profiles as well as their public ones. How do I search for a picture? Easy, jump onto google, go to ‘images’ and click on ‘discover’. This opens the Google lens, which allows you to upload a picture and then search for it. Even if the picture on said person’s profile is zoomed in or cropped, google will still find matching pictures if the person’s profile picture is public (tip: most social networks and dating sites, even if you tell them to make your profile private, will still make your picture available to google! Rude, I know).

codes, date of birth. We go into what you should keep an eye out for, and then go into background check websites, and criminal check websites and part 3 will be on actually building your own computer program to do it automatically!

More tips to find Secret Dating Profiles

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